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The Invention of Lying Review

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The Invention Of Lying

Warner Brothers

PG 13 99 min


Spoiler warning.

Hey gang, this is one of the best comedies in a while and a big part of that appeal is the surprise you may find as the story rolls along.

You probably ought to see this one (if you plan to) before I let the cat out of the bag.


Imagine if you will.

The world is much like the one we live in but with one huge difference.

Everyone in every situation tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in every situation. Somehow over the centuries mankind has just never stumbled across the practice of spreading BS.

Without even mentioning politics, just think of what life would be like if we were completely and brutally honest in every walk of life? One would never even suspect deceit.

Lest anyone get all starry eyed about the joys of truthfulness, keep in mind the last time you called off work, told the spouse you “fell asleep” at that party or answered the question “do I look fat in these pants?” and you’ll get an idea.

This film is the brainchild of British comic Ricky Gervais. He wrote and stars as Mark Bellison, a “fat short loser” whose life is falling apart. He’s losing his job, getting evicted and he’s got a mad crush on a woman (Jennifer Garner) who just doesn’t’ think he’s attractive enough for a second date.

One day, out of the blue, Mark tells a bank teller he’d like to withdraw well more than he has in the account. The teller automatically assumes the discrepancy is the fault of the bank computer and hands the cash to him with an apology.

You can see how this newfound ability could set up endless opportunity for fun and profit.

Things get a bit more serious as Mark comforts his dying mother with a story of everlasting life in a place a lot like Heaven under the watchful eye of “the big man in the sky.”

The nursing home staff happens to overhear this story and all at once becomes a reluctant prophet.

There are plenty of hilarious situations and just as many thought provoking and tender ones. Some will need to overlook what could easily be taken as blasphemy, but it really is done in non-caustic way.

At the outset I was tempted to think of the old switcheroo with Jim Carrey’s LIAR LIAR but THE INVERTION OF LYING is a different twist.

It’s different, touching and very funny and Gervais has a hit on is hands. That much is true.






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