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Man paralyzed after routine vaccination

Mr. T

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So, I had my Dr. appt today, and I don't have pneumonia ! yippie !


Anyways, I asked our family doc about the swine flu shot.


Here's the deal:


Yes, it has tiny, tiny trace amounts of mercury whatever and formeldehyde sp?. BUT they are for preservative's sake only,


and so small, you could get these flu shots for many years and that would be less mercury than you'd get eating one fish


out of Lake Erie or the ocean.



NO,it doesn't have live flu virus, that is the anti-eh... anti-something. That's the great stuff that is supposed to

give you a psuedo-exposure to prevent you from catching the swine flu.


NO, you don't have to get one, unless you have significant health problems that would lower your resistance, or you take care

of young children, etc etc.


YES, the swine flu has historically and presently hit young people and children the hardest.


AND, say, I'm 58, well, I've been exposed to the swine flu a lot of times already - I forget the years, but I think


it was in the 50's and 70's whatever.


Our doc says my Dad is 81, is in terrific health, and doesn't need a swine flu shot, either.


The ingredients, she says, are historically typical, and very safe.


And, in earlier years, we didn't have the ingredients made public and communicated so quickly to everybody.


I even asked about the mercury and form...dehyde (ggg), ...if it could accumulate and cause health problems like


Parkinson's or anything like that...


it's always good to make the doc laugh.


I feel better now about it. I still ain't goin to git it.

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