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Why We Love Josh Cribbs


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Cribbs happy to be a Brown, still not happy with his contract

Posted by Mike Florio on October 22, 2009 5:37 AM ET

Browns receiver Josh Cribbs, a versatile and exciting young player who might be the best player on the team, generated plenty of interest as the trade deadline approached.


Multiple teams were believed to be interested in Cribbs, whose performance has not been affected by a lingering dispute with management regarding his contract.


Through it all, the Browns privately made it clear that they wouldn't be trading Cribbs.


But even though Cribbs still wants his contract to be addressed, Cribbs is happy that he wasn't traded.


"They want me," Cribbs said. "They're really adamant about keeping me in a Cleveland Browns' uniform. That speaks volumes. A lot of teams wanted me, and they opted out of trading me. I've always said that I want to stay in this uniform. I'm glad to still be here. I'm going to make the best of it."


And Cribbs seems to be placated for now regarding his contract, which runs through 2012 and never pays him a full-season salary of more than six figures.


"I don't have a personal timetable," Cribbs said. "I'm just trying to move the process along as fast as I can. In talking with coach, I feel like we're making steps in the right direction to this point."


There had been concerns about a possible holdout or even a walkout from Cribbs. For now, though, Cribbs isn't complaining. And that might be only good news coming out of Cleveland through six weeks of the 2009 season.


Wow. Has there ever been a guy who loved being on such a terrible team. This guy is the definition of team player and team leader. He has the best attitude, by far, than anyone else on this team and maybe even in the NFL. I am usually the first guy to call athletes selfish and self-centered jerks when they are already making millions and ask for more, but this guy deserves every penny. He isn't asking for $10 million a year or even close to it: he just wants fair compensation. At this point- if anyone else on this team asked for another penny I would say i don't agree with that: even if it was a guy making the league minimum and asking for $10,000 more. No one else deserves more money than Cribbs and I think that ManKok realizes that. The problem is that Cribbs has no leverage because of his current contract. However, we all know what he can do, including ManKok and there is no way they let him go through this coming off season without a new deal. Just don't expect it to happen before then.

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Exactly, except I think the Browns are between a rock and a hard place.


Renegotiating contracts is a black hole in space. Once it exists, it sucks


up the rest of the universe.


Well, something like that.. ? LOL


The Browns can't start a landslide of "hey, me too" renegotiations.


But, with CRIBBS, how can anybody not see that in THIS case,


the Browns must do it? Cribbs is the all out, great character, intelligent,


extremely valuable, exciting and productive player that deserves that if anybody


in the league does.


So, I think the Browns will do it right after the season is over.


You have to laugh, really - Cribbs is having fun putting the pressure on them to do it sooner... GGG

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