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Horse Balls & Bold faced lies

Mr. T

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Obama promised "a net federal spending cut" and to "cut taxes for 95 percent of American workers."


But from his first day in the Oval Office, Obama has been on a spending binge of such unprecedented magnitude that the federal deficit this year is more than $1.4 trillion.


Triple to what was spent under "W".


If we had tax cuts and government would stop spending money we dont have the economy would be able to turn around.

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It's all broken promises via word play, and bait and switch.



Like, the health care bill. Allllll the way down to 857 billion.


Except, they just parsed out 200 and some billion into a parallel bill.


Which, is why the Obamao admin tried to get Fox News booted out of the White House press corps.


BUT, to their excellent credit, the other media said if Fox got booted, they wouldn't show up either.


Very, very bad, very Un-American moves are being made now.

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I wonder how long we have to wait before Heck stops


licking Obama's shoes and actually admits he is proving to be a complete disaster.


Well, unless he's a legit socialist...

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