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time for daboll/carthon to go and make ryan the head coach


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Time for the browns to get rid of Daboll, this guy is not only a terrible play caller, he also does not have any balls. He never takes any chance usually has the offense take a knee on offense when down by 10 points or more with time on the clock going into halftime, which tells me he is trying to just not lose to bad. I also believe he is to blame for the failure of quinn because he had him on such a tight leash that quinn was not comfortable taking a chance. The reason Quinn is a dink and dunk quarterback is because of Daboll. Quinn was just about as good as you could ask in his two starts against the broncos and bills last year. He did not play well in the Texans game because he had a broken finger and nobody can throw a football well with a broken finger. Quinn will be a great quarterback in this league and the browns organization will be kicking themselves in the ass once again.

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