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Dolphins 2007 to Dolphins 2008

Sony Reed

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I keep hearing the excuses of give Mangini 3 years, lets build thru the draft, we got 11 draft picks in 2010.....blah blah blah


People say we don't have the talent...Somewhat true


We have no playmakers..True...Guess who got rid of the playmakers we had and did not replace them? Eric Mangini


Why did our GM not sign any veteran playmakers such as a running back or wide receiver? Because Mangini is really the GM he calls all the shots


Now I took a look at the Miami Dolphins of 2007 and the Miami Dolphins of 2008 who made the playoffs, well its amazing what a guy like Bill Parcels who knows what he's doing compared to someone who thinks he is a genius like Mangini


The 2007 Dolphins team had Cleo Lemon, Trent Green and John Beck as there quarterbacks...all terrible, the leading rushers were Ronnie Brown and Jesse Chatman with Brown leading the team in rushing with 602 yards, the leading receiver was Marty Booker with 602 yards and 1 touchdown.


So what does Bill Parcels does, he adds Chad Pennington, signs Ricky Williams drafts Davonne Bess, Tedd Ginn develops into a NFL receiver (coaching) gets a pass catching tight end in Anthony Fassono signs some veteran FA offensive lineman adds a few role players to his defense and BAM the Dolphins are a playoff team


So my question if the Dolphins can go from 1-15 and make a few changes why do the Browns go backwards instead of going forward


Btw, With all these draft picks coming how many of these guys do we really expect to contribute and be starters next year, look around the league after the 3rd round how many draft picks are anything more than specials teams players and I think we have added quite a few of these type of guys already.


Would be nice if we could get some free agents that were not ex jets who can actually contribute


Looks like all we got from the Jets were a bunch of guys who are nothing more than stop gap or backup players


Watching this team is like watching a expansion team

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