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How would you draft a team?


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After watching the Browns get throttled by GB last Sunday I caught myself wishing that the Browns could just purge 99% of the roster and start over with a brand new set of faces. That got me thinking. If there was some magical 53 round draft to pick a whole team, how would I do it? This doesn't have as much to do with the Browns as it does with football philosophy. We aren't talking specific players here, just positions. Obviously, I am not going to list 53 slots here but I think 15 will be enough to get a picture of how everyone would draft a team. Assumptions include: 1. talent goes down with each round 2. players won't be busts 3. you start with the #1 pick in the draft and can always get the guy you want. Here goes


1. QB

2. OT/OG

3. MLB

4. OT/OG

5. WR

6. DT/NG

7. CB/S

8. RB

9. C

10. OLB

11. DE

12. DT

13. CB/S

14. WR



How would you build a team?

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See it is not just a question of drafting. The way the Browns were, we had a bit more talent and a lot less depth. Mangini traded some talent (the 5th round pick, KW) and bought in depth. We need talent at every position and also depth to ensure steadiness. We have more depth but we lack the talent.


having talent and no depth will help us win games but we will crash in the long run. Having good depth but no talent means we will nvr be able to take off to challenge and will be a fodder team. Should we perhaps have gone for the talent and then try to add depth ?


I dunno i really dunno ... we can argue about it both ways and the more i think about it the more confused i get ...

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I would draft 7 offensive players in the first round over an 8 year period of time, then put up the worst offense in the NFL with only 3 of those 8 players remaining on the team, and just 2 starting.


7... that's also the same number of your little brothers you have anally raped over an 8 year period Slivercock.

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On D...in a 3-4,,, start with NT(check) 2(Ilbs), 2 safeties(build a defense up the middle first) then get your , 2 OLB's, 2 corners then 2 de's...4-3 different order....Our ILB's suck ass and our 2 safeties suck ass....just like a good defense in baseball starts with Catcher then short/second and center fielder(preferably one who can lead off and steal bases...(lofton made our defense go) ....


on O LT(check) QB, center(check), RB, #1 wr, LG, RT, RG, Wr#2 and #3


all these in exact order!!! thank you my work is done! :D

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One way is just like a baseball team, the priority for a football team is to be strong up the middle. Center/Nose tackle/MLB/Strong Safety/QB/RB. You start with that base anyway, and you work your way out toward the edges.


Alternatively, if you start on the edges, good OTs/pass rushing DEs or OLBs, Corners, Wide Receivers, there is something to be said for that. In reality, you need quality in the middle and on the edges.

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Believe it or not, the Saints have a better defense. Dude, the Saints look to be the real deal. F*ck there goes another team in the Superbowl before the Browns.


The Saints do not have a better defense. That is crazy.


The Steelers D has been #1 in the league for the prior 2 seasons. They've proven it over the long haul with consistency on what they have done and with the DC.


However, I grant the Saints look like a team to be respected and may just represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this year....if not outright win it. They got my vote right now.

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How much time are you permitted to build this team, 7 weeks like Mangini?


Didn't Phil say that RB, QB, LT, CB, Rush Linebacker and WR were all high priority skill positions?


I do agree with Solon who said you needed to be strong up the middle, at NT, linebacker and safety.


But, you need to draft BPA in many cases, that is the way you develop depth and obtain stars. If the highest (by far) rated player is a RT when you draft you take him instead of taking a mediocre safety because it is a need.


Fill your holes in free agency with starters, don't overpay for supposed stars.


Building a team the right way really comes down to having a great scouting department for the draft and free agency. With eleven picks next year the Browns could turn this around in one season. But, they probably need to get five good starters out of that draft and a couple of starters out of free agency.



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