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Cavaliers Town?


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This will be interesting. The once proud Browns Town is faced with the worst Browns Team in their history at the time that the Cleveland Cavaliers are fielding perhaps their best team in history.


Can they co-exsist? Or will the Cavs finally win-out?


I don't believe so, I still think that no matter how bad the Browns are, this city won't take real notice of the Cavs until after the football season is over.


It was different with the Indians, by the time the Tribe clinched their second trip to the World Series in three years in 1997, the Browns were on hiatus, having moved to Baltimore. Tribe fever was at an all-time high, and didn't have the Browns to compete with.


I remember thinking, "Wow, if the Browns don't play their cards right, they may have to seriously share this town with the Tribe" ... well, that was short lived.


It may come down to the First team To Win A Title! ... but even that, coupled with the Browns woes, may not sway this town away from being a Browns Town.




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Its a football town..no question..


I have always loved the cavs...price ehlo nance etc... but the passion was never like it was for the browns..


the cavs are the only hope right now and hope is all it is with how good boston la and possibly orlando are going to be...


even if the cavs were to bring a title..it would hopefully just get the monkey off the cities back so the browns could get a title is how i would feel about it :)

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Cleveland was,is, and always will be a football town first. Everything else is secondary.


The problem the Browns are running into now is that they have put out pure garbage

on the field for 10 straight years and not getting the new "fringe" fans. Add the last

year of Modell and the 3 year hiatus and you are talking 14 years of garbage. Everyone

wants to root for a winner and call them front runners or whatever you want to it is hard

to become a "new" fan of this team.It is even harder to defend this team now as a fan.


The Cavs are them only other choice. The "Pirates of the North" (the Indians) have NO

shot at getting any play here as long as the Dolans own the team. When you start any

sentence with "in our market" you are done. Larry Dolan should throw out the first pitch tonight

since he is responsible for both teams being there (Lee,CC,Manuel).The sad thing about the

Browns is that Lerner is closer to Dolan as an owner than to Gilbert.


The Cavs are good and may even win a championship this season but Cleveland is still

a football town. I guess Browns' fans are like Cubs fans-- wait til nest year.

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Last season at this time I thought the Cavs would win it all .... this year I am not so sure. Too many teams reloaded, and we were late.


The Cavs best opportunity would have been to acquire Shaq last season at the trade deadline, they grossly underestimated how badly they were overmatched in the paint. If if they would have fallen short last year, they still would have experience with Shaq in the rotation and know what they would have had to improve on offensively with him in place.


Besides, getting to the Trade Deadline this season with Shaq being as healthy as he was at that point last season, is a questionable.


I was in a coaching meeting last night as the game was on, but didn't watch so closely as I would have liked. I read somewhere that it looked like Dabol was calling the Cavs offensive plays and I had to chuckle, because that is what I got out of that game too. Too much was forced.



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I feel the same way..they got off to a quick hot start then all went cold..was very similiar to the playoffs last year against orlando...get up by 15-20...then slow down and of course they have the BIG 3 point shooters..wallace now makes them more difficult to guard on the peremiter much like orlando...bottom line the top 3 teams in the league are better than the cavs at 4th...and i still havent got a read on Denver

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I completely agree with Destin, we're still the worst of the elite teams. Until we get a fast, athletic big guy that is a force on offense and defense, we're not going to beat Orlando, Boston, or LA. Hell, I might even throw the Spurs into that category too.


We replaced Wallace with Shaq. Tell me how that helps the team, please? They're useless on offense when covered because defenses just make him go to the charity stripe and give the ball away. This is the same exact shit we did last year. We need a KG, Odom, Duncan, or Howard if we're going to beat any of those teams.

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The answer is that there is truly no real reason to pay full attention until next May. We all assume the Cavs will have one of the best 1 or 2 records in the Eastern Conference in the regular season, unless something tragic happens, like LeBron going down with a knee. And, quite frankly, the Cavs should breeze through whatever opponent they would face in the first round of the playoffs. Thus, not at least until the second round of the playoffs next year in May will this team play a very meaningful game. That is just the way it is with the NBA.

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To me, Cleveland is a football town. Not unlike Boston being a baseball team.


Sure, people are happy when the Patriots and Celtics (and Bruins) win, but it is nothing like baseball. NOTHING like baseball.


My sense is that Cleveland is the same type of town.


Cavs winning the NBA title would be huge - especially given the championship drought the city is enduring.


However, a Browns SB victory would be akin to what New England did for the Sox when they won the World Series - both times.


LeBron wasn't around in 1996 - 1999, but it seems like the Cavs made little dent into the hearts and souls of Cleveland professional sports fans.



Besides, WHO can stomach watching the NBA.

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