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TK'S Tirade is back TONIGHT

TK'S Tirade

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Hey all,


Tonight we will do TK'S Tirade with heavy hearts. Tonight we remember and pay Tribute to legendary Cleveland Indians player and Broadcaster Herb Score who passed away this morning. All Indians fans young and old all have a special place in our hearts for Score. Im tracking down old Herb Score clips to play during the entire show


Also a tribute and thanks to all those who have served in the armed forces to make this great country what it is Today.


Another meltdown by the Browns Defense spoiled a great first start for Brady Quinn, I have lots of thoughts on this.


Where do we go from here? Plus a look at the upcoming showdown against the Buffalo Bills, can the Browns right the ship against a struggling Bills team?


The Bill Cowher talk has surfaced again....is it time for Romeo and Phil to go?


The Cavs are off to a great start,we'll take a look at the early success of the Cavs


Great Monday night game last night....Mike Singletary deserves to be a long term head coach....my thoughts on that


We give our latest Jackass Club Update


All that and more, Tonight on TK's Tirade!

Tonight at 8 PM EST only on www.wildtalkradio.com


Hope to see you all there in the interactive chat!



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