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Buffalo Factoids

The Gipper

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Buffalo Factoids:




1. The Browns record against these Buffalo Bills is 8-5 (including last year's snow fest).




2. The Browns post season record against these Bills in 1-0. The Browns won the 1989 division playoff game against the Bills 34-30 on Clay Mathews interception of Jim Kelly in the end zone.




3. Note that before this current Buffalo Bills franchise began existance in 1960 in the AFL, there was a previous Buffalo Bills franchise in the AAFC that played against the Browns.


The Browns record against that team was 6-0-2. Those teams played in two playoff games:


1948 Browns won AAFC Championship game 49-7


1949 Browns won AAFC Championship game 31-21




4. In 1950 when the Browns entered the NFL, that original Bills franchise was discontinued and the players from that team were assigned to join the Browns. Some consider the two franchises to have been 'merged'.




5. This Bills team has an all time record of 346-379-8 for a .477 winning percentage. The Bill's last title was in 1965 in the AFL. This was the last major sport championship for the city of Buffalo, so they have only waited one year less than Cleveland for a title. (only San Diego, Ottawa, and Vancouver of cities with one of the 4 major sports have waited longer).




6. Bills career leaders:


Passing yards and TDs: Jim Kelly 35,467 and 237


Rushing yards and TDs: Thurman Thomas 11,938 and 65


Receiving yards and TDs: Andre Reed 13,095 and 86




7. This year for the first time the Bills will play a home game in Toronto, Ontario in the Rogers Centre (formerly SkyDome).




8. The Bills are named after Buffalo Bill Cody.




9. Ralph Wilson, owner of the Bills originally wanted his AFL franchise to be located in Miami in 1960, but he was turned down, thus he chose Buffalo. Miami got their AFL team later in 1966.




10.The following Bills players/coach are in the Pro Football HOF: OJ Simpson, Jim Kelly, Billy Shaw, Thurman Thomas, Joe Delamalleure (also a primary with the Browns), and coach Marv Levy.




11. The aforementioned Billy Shaw is the ONLY player in the entire list of players inducted into the HOF who did not play in the NFL. He spent his entire 10 year career playing with the Bills in the AFL 1960-1969. He retired as the leagues officially merged in 1970.




12. Two notable games in Bills history aside from their AFL title appearances and their 4 Super Bowl losses in a row: They were the "victims" in the "Music City Miracle game" and they are the team to orchestrate the greatest comeback in American Professional football league history in their comeback from being behind like 35-3 to the Oilers.




13. FYI, the Bills first round pick in the 1969 combined draft was, of course OJ Simpson. First overall.


Their first round selection in their next draft: Fellow USC alum Al Cowling. Al Cowling was the driver of the White Bronco in the famous chase in 1994 after the murder of OJ's ex-wife and friend.




14. The city of Buffalo is allegedly NOT named after the large prairie animal of the same name, more accurately referred to as a Bison. "Buffalo" is supposedly a slurring if you will of the French term "beau fleuve" translated as "beautiful river". No bison ever roamed the Buffalo area.




15. Buffalo is one of 3 cities in which a U.S. President was assassinated: William McKinley. The others are Dallas (Kennedy) and Washington D.C. (Lincoln and Garfield).




16. In 1950 the population of Buffalo city proper was about 580,000. Today the population of Buffalo city proper is about 290,000.




17. Buffalo was the first city in America to have street lights due to the presence of the hydroelectric power plant nearby at Niagra Falls. (Given #16 above, did they all see the city better at night and decide to leave?)




18. One "good" thing about Buffalo that all or most other U.S. cities don't have?: Last call for alcohol there is 4:00 A.M. as opposed to 2:00 A.M. just about everywhere else. I think they do that to keep the Canadians there longer to spend there money (beer is a lot cheaper in Buffalo than in Canada)




19. Famous Buffalonians: Wolf Blitzer, F. Scott Fitgerald, Tim Russert, Rick James (Superfreak), Grover Washingtion Jr., Don Criqui, Millard Fillmore, Grover Cleveland, Jeffery Jones (of Ferris Beuhler), and Henry Wells and William Fargo.


The Gipper

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Good stuff Gipper. I actually DID NOT know that the Browns obtained players from the AAFC Bills when they joined the NFL. No wonder we lit the NFL up like a Christmas Tree.



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