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How Long......


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How Long can we keep Derek Anderson in the helm? He is one of the most horrible QB's I have ever seen. This is the first time in a long time I am actually embarrassed to be a Browns fan.


I know Quinn hasn't done a whole lot either but how many 100 yard or less passing performances from DA are we gonna have to sit through before they give Quinn another shot. He will not get his 70% of the snaps for the season and will lose his 5.5 million dollar bonus this season, so get him back on the field.


I hope the Mangini is a one and done coach! This is the second New England screw up to come through here to dismantle our team! We need to start a petition to get DA to the bench and Mangini out of Cleveland.



Sorry for my frustrations here.....



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Listen to the game announcers..................even they are smart enough to realize DA sucks and BQ didn't get enough time.



Listening to the Browns TV anouncers is like listening to Tom Hamilton showing his displeasure with Rafael Perez in his last game of the year! LOL.

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