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LB David Bowens backs Mangini


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From the Plain Dealer

Bowens stands behind his coach: Linebacker David Bowens was one of the few players who appeared during the open locker room period on Monday, so he went through the gauntlet of questions about the frustrations of losing and whether Mangini is the right guy to pull them out of it.


He was asked whether the players unfamiliar with Mangini need to experience some wins so that they totally buy in to Mangini's preachings.


"Part of the problem is we have a lot of guys on this team that have been used to losing, been used to being on teams that haven't won a lot of games and don't understand the process," Bowens said. "The coaches can coach their tails off, they can get their two hours sleep a week, but they're not playing the game.


"A lot of mistakes are made by us as players. Once we assess that and just buy in, commit ourselves to each other, I think things will change."


Does he think fewer than 100 percent of the players have bought in?


"No, I'm not saying that at all," Bowens said. "I think people that haven't been used to winning don't understand the process it takes."


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Bowens has turned out to be a good player for us.


He falls into that group of players who you can count on. Unlike those who just want to pretend they are Professional football players.


basically everyone he got from the jets has been a good player, Im sorry but I like mangini as a coach.

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Sounds like "we have some dumb ass (DA) guys on this team to need to be replaced,


or maybe just starting giving a crap about winning"


Cutting DA would be the start of a useful purge- suckiness will not be tolerated.


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Bowens is right. And he knows that too many players are not committing to the win. I was gnashing teeth when I watched the highlights of Sunday's game only to see players like Elam hugging and grinning and kissing Hester after the final whistle. What's the F'ing deal there? I hate that, no matter what part of your team you blame for the loss, if you walk off the field after having been hammered AGAIN you show respect to your victors but you don't treat it as a freaking birthday party.



At least mangini knows this despite his faults - this is what I am talking about..


Reaction to Jamal retirement discussions: Mangini chalked up Lewis' retirement talk to frustration.


"Everybody makes decisions as to when they decide to leave football," he said. "I know that Jamal's approach is consistent, I know that Jamal works hard, I know that Jamal takes losses extremely hard, which is what you want, which is what you look for. If a player didn't take a loss hard, that's a problem. If a coach didn't take a loss hard, that's a problem. You put a lot of time and effort and work into achieving that goal. When you work hard, it's harder to accept defeat."


If I see a Browns player getting out the party hats after another loss I'm going to turn green and get angry.

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