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What Part of Pelosi's Bill

Chicopee John

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I dont like anything in it. unless you love regulations taxes and penalties.



Here is somthing that I like and I am not saying that it is enough to make me like the entire bill.


I don't know if 27 years old is the correct age - maybe a bit high IMHO - but I like the notion that 'kids' can remain on their parents health insurance coverage after they graduate from college, as an example.


Especially with the current employment market, graduating from college definitely does not mean getting a decent job. This 'bridge' can be helpful for those out of school, in the job hunt arena, but out of work.


Even if they can muster enough to pay for a 'mediocre' health care policy, they will most likely get better coverage on their parent's policy. And don't forget - people this age are generally in good shape and without chronic illnesses.


Any way, I like this as a working idea.


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It's almost pointless to discuss it since it won't be recognizable after it hits the senate belt line.

There's a reason it was passed in secrecy.


After the Max bill we got a list of all the republican ideas that had been incorporated but that turned out NOT to be true.


I'd actually like to hear one of the "supporters" tell me exactly what problems will be solved or eased by the bill as it stands.

And not just a cut and paste from the DNC site, if you get my meaning.



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I don't like the employer mandate, to provide and pay for coverage. There are many many small employers out there that simply cannot afford to pay for health coverage for their employees. If they don't, they'll have to pay a penalty, so in order to afford to purchase health benefits for their employees will they have to lay off more employees in order to have a smaller employee base to cover? If they put in an affordable plan, say a $5,000 deductible, will it help those employees that may be making only minimum wage? In most cases, if they have even a $2,000 claim, they can't afford it, I see it all the time. Are there going to be restrictions on what kind of plan employers can offer? How much of the premium are the employers going to be required to pay? Too many questions that need to be answered, and the wrong people doing the answering.

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Ill give you a clue to what is going to happen.


Saturday I was eating lunch with my wifes employer. They got on the subject of politics because one of the ladies at the table started talking about the Ft. Hood TerrorisT and then the subject moved over to HC.


My wifes employer stated that the 3rd most thing they pay for is health insurance, and that if they didn't feel that it was right to provide it they would not provide it. But if Big Gov. drives up the cost for health insurance to be more than what it is at the present then they will have to end this benefit and pay the TAX/FINE and have to let that benefit go by the wayside.


Well I dont know about you but I dont want anything to do with any government plan. The insurance they are going to provide is so bad that not one member of the House who voted for it will sign their family up on the government plan.



Here is your cake.



ps: before Obama was elected they employed close to 200 people, currently there are approx 45 people working there.

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The bill allegedly now has the unlimited required funding for abortion.


That's a deal killer for me, a lot of Americans, including a bunch of Dems in the Senate.


Providing health insurance for illegal aliens? sick. give us all a break from stupidity.


And, the bill does not do any tort reform. very strange and counter-productive.


Messing with employer mandates, fines, personal fines, regulations, more regulations,


and taking half a TRILLION dollars from Medicare/Medicaid? to help pay for it?


and millions and millions of folks who have private insurance will LOSE it?


And this bill does nothing to allow the purchase of out of state health insurance, which would


dramatically up the competition.


Gov. health care is a grab at those who will frantically depend on it... POLITICALLY.


Like, the poor in cities on welfare vote for every Democrat.


The house bill is not health care insurance reform, it's about political power.

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