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Budinger looks good.


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The guy I, and a lot of people here, wanted to draft....had 15 points last night, on 6/10 shooting with 3 threes.


On the year he's averaging 10.3 points per game in only 18 minutes. For some context, in 32 minutes per game, Anthony Parker's averaging 9.1 ppg.


I know Parker was mainly brought in for his defense, but still.


In only 18 minutes a night, Budinger has a higher scoring average than anyone on our team not named LeBron, Mo or Shaq.



It wasn't even hard to see coming, really. A 6'7, athletic wing player from a big time college with 3 years of experience. Good free throw shooter with 3 point range. Gift wrapped for us with the last pick in the first round.


But we took Eyenga. Who, in 2 or 3 years, might be as good as Budinger is now.




Oh well, at least we beat the Magic.

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