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I helped my brother go to the game lastnight


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It was not a full sized paper bag but it was all brown so we went with that. He went to the game for his birthday and tried like hell to get me to go. I still have my "win 4 at home boycott going so I didn't." He was sure that it was supposed to be a blank paper bag with no holes and nothing written on it. I said "how in the hell are you going to see the game?!?!" Honestly he was going to take an un cut paper bag and just sit there with it on his head! I had him mark out his eyes and I put some holes in it, I also drew on a frowny face. He wouldn't let me add angry eyebrows though. I wanted to..... I also wanted to add tears. On another note a costumer came into the store yesterday boasting of going to the game and buying rain gear. I offered to make him a bag at no charge with free rain proofing.

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