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Snow for the Buffalo game


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Poor weather games are great.


I predict a big game for Jamal, due to his small steps. He's starting to sound more upbeat. Steinbach will be back. Chud better adjust his play calling, unlike the Bengals game last year where he seemed to gameplan on a blue screen.


Here are some more upbeat quotes Link:


Browns Jamal Lewis and Brady Quinn Talk to Press in Berea Ahead of Bills Game


Browns Jamal Lewis and Brady Quinn Talk to Press in Berea Ahead of Bills Game

Submitted by Eugmc on November 12, 2008 - 11:26pm. Cleveland Browns Cleveland Teams News Sports


The Cleveland Browns are gearing up for action for the Buffalo Bills for a Monday Night Showdown. The biggest news out of Berea was the demotion of Brandon McDonald who was replaced by Travis Daniels as starting quarterback. Here is what the the players had to say today.


Browns quarterback Brady Quinn


(On what is different in his second week as starter)- “We have got a little more time to prepare. Buffalo is a tough team, solid defense all around. It presents a tough task not only for myself coming into my second start, but for our team going into an environment like Buffalo on Monday night.”


(On playing back to back prime time games in his first two starts)- “It feels a little bit like college, you get a little more attention. I have been used to that since playing college ball so not much has changed.”


(On how he benefitted from sitting a year and a half)- “The speed of the game, I think coming into it a year and a half later as opposed to right away I was able to adapt. It wasn’t even an adjustment. It was as if I had been doing it all along. That was one of the nice things about it. Having that year and a half under my belt, I was able to get right in there and play.”


Travis Daniels on his big start:


(On being ready)- “I have been here 8-9 weeks and being able to go against guys like Braylon (Edwards), Kellen (Winslow), Donte’ (Stallworth) and the rest of the receivers is definitely gotten me ready – game ready.”


(On Buffalo WR Lee Evans)- “Lee Evans is a very talented receiver, a lot of speed. You can expect big plays out of him all the time. He is one of those guys if you get in front of him you have got to be ready because at any given time that ball could be coming your way.”


(On teams coming after him)- “I think they would do something like that, but at the same time, I played against these guys before. It’s not my first time seeing Lee Evans, the Buffalo Bills or playing in Buffalo. They know me pretty well and if they want to come over there then that’s just what they do.”


Running backJamal Lewis


(On the team rebounding)- “I am very confident. I think we’ve got a group of guys that are willing to fight and want to go out there and get it done. We have got to go out there like I’ve said every week and just execute and just do what coach preaches and that’s finish.”


(On Buffalo’s defense)- “They remind me a lot of a Washington defense. It’s a stout defense, you don’t have any big names that jump out at you, but you have a group of guys that are playing together collectively, finishing and just flying around. They have got a lot of high motor guys and I think they are pretty much a solid defense with everybody trying to do their job.”


(On putting up big numbers in the second half of this season like last season)- “I am just coming to work and do my job, numbers to me are not a big deal. It’s winning. The number that concerns me is 3-6, that’s the number I am worried about right now, not my own personal numbers. But it is that time of the year where my number is called a lot so maybe that is the reason why you see that significant jump. It’s going from 19-20 carries to 25-27 carries but we will see.”


Bedford native Lee Evans also spoke with the Browns media via a conference call and spoke about playing against the team he used to root for as a kid.


(On the Browns secondary)- “I know they’ve got some young guys back there but some guys that can run around and make some plays. They’re active with their safeties coming down and making plays in the passing game and the run game. We know they play aggressive so it’s going to be a challenge for us. There are certainly some opportunities there but there’s a lot that comes with those opportunities as well. They do a good job of trying to put pressure on the quarterback and getting to the quarterback before you can get the ball off. That’s kind of the game but if we can protect and do some things then we have the opportunities for some passes. It’s all about putting it all together.”


(On playing against the Browns)- “It’s not the same as it was in my rookie year when it was my first time playing them but I have a lot of family coming up for the game. A lot of family are still die-hard Browns fans so it’s always fun to play them and go back home and have bragging right, so to speak.”


(On playing in the snow game last season)- “It was tough. We were watching last years game this year and just remembering what it was like. Those were some tough elements to be in and certainly a game where I’ve never played in a game like that for so long, it was such bad weather. It was a challenge and they did the better job making plays than we did and that was the bottom line.”


(On Trent Edwards)- “He’s the leader of our offense and we go as he goes. I think he’s done a tremendous job this year of taking the game plan and playing well. I think over the last couple of weeks things haven’t been going as well for us so we need to try to work our way out of it and he certainly has the mindset to do that and I’m very optimistic about it. You can just tell that his leadership and everything has come two-fold since last year.”


(On Donte Whitner)- “He’s a tremendous player, he plays with a lot energy and a lot of attitude. They’ll have to hold him down to keep him off the field because I know in his mind, he certainly wants to play. They’ll have to make the best decision possible.”


(On correcting what’s been going wrong)- “We’ve been killing ourselves a lot. We’ve been turning the ball over too much, we haven’t really given ourselves a chance. We’ve had opportunities but we really didn’t give ourselves much of a good chance turning the ball over. I think if we can protect the ball and play like we’ve been playing, I think we can give ourselves a chance and that’s all you really look for.”


(On the Bills seeking payback for last season)- “Not really. I think where we are this year in this particular part of the season, it’s a big game regardless of what happened last year. For where we’re out right now, this is coming into the middle part going into the late part of the season, this is a big game for right now. That’s been more so the talk, trying to come out of this three-game skid that we’re on and get back on the winning track.”


(On James Hardy)- “He’s helped and he’s still learning. I think he’s certainly added a certain dimension down in the red zone, making some plays down there and just trying to keep some of the pressure off the running game. Like I said, he’s still learning, he’s still coming along but I think his impact is coming. He hasn’t been exactly to his potential yet but he’s working for it. Teams will have to take him into account because he can make plays down there.”

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We should make this Cleveland vs. Buffalo "Snow Bowl" a yearly event.


Football the way it's meant to be!





I don't know. To me that is saying a fireplace, the way heats meant to be.


I kind of like forced air systems.


Both Cleveland and Buffalo should have domes.



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I left the north to get away from that white stuff...but even I can't imagine not having that howling lake driven winter COLD at a Cleveland Browns game! No domes! :P


I agree with no domes. But I will say the new Indy dome is jaw-droppingly good looking.





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I agree with no domes. But I will say the new Indy dome is jaw-droppingly good looking.






Is that a retractable dome? If so I think that is what we should have went with. Then we could use it for more then 2 exhibition games and 8 regular season games a year. Kind of like spending $30,000 dollars on a car, and then not getting Navigation because it costs $2,500 more. :unsure:

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I love not having a dome in Cleveland but that's the same reason that Cleveland will never host a Super Bowl. So a retractable roof would have been a nice option to have when Browns Stadium was built.


At least football weather is here though, hell I cut my friggin' grass yesterday in shorts and they're calling for snow tonight here. :wub:

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