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Be prepared to be shocked --- A Must read


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Eye Opening and Mind Shocking- Mass Marriage in Gaza



If this not perverted, what is this then?


Note, their religion ensures a permanent place in Heaven for those fathers who marry off their young daughters... ...Absurd and hard to digest...



























Some uninformed Modern Americans join the Moslem [Muslim] religion with out really checking it out first and it's demomic roots back to 700 AD when Mohamad started it as a counterfeit for the real thing Christianity! The Army Doctor who shot and killed 12 Fort Hood fellow Army comrades today is a damn Muslum; with a Muslum name and that's why he killed 12 Americans who were just infadels to him and his Muslim brainwashing! We are now allowing folks into the US military who are of the Muslim faith and this will be a dangerous downfall of our US military forces as we continue fighting other Muslims in the Mid East Muslim countries. We've already experienced Muslim traitors in our military ranks; who turned against their fellow military comrades. None of our WWII American military forces had to deal with Japanese German American traitors who believed in Shintoism or Natziism among their ranks while fighting the Japanese and Germans who were the enemy. Anyone with fanatical religious views that are against Americanism; should not be allowed in our military because they are politically and religiously divided with their own radical views and not for America and our military forces. America was founded on Christianity with several denominations and not on religion with several kinds of non Christian religions as the modern news media misinforms us about!



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