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2010 Free Agents, who do we get?


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Complete list from each team below.


Players we should look at from each team.


Arizona Cardinals

-Steve Breaston WR

-Mike Gandy OT


Atlanta Falcons

-Jerious Norwood RB

-Michael Jenkins WR


Baltimore Ravens

-Troy Smith QB

-Mark Clayton WR

-Dawan Landry SS


Buffalo Bills

-Lee Evans WR

-Terrence McGee CB

-Ashton Youboty CB


Carolina Panthers

-Richard Marshall CB


Chicago Bears

-Adewale Ogunleye DL

-Danieal Manning FS

Josh Bullocks FS


Cincinnati Bengals

-Domato Peko DL

-Rashad Jeanty LB


Dallas Cowboys

-Demarcus Ware LB

-Terrence Newman CB

-Pat Watkins SS


Denver Broncos

-Tony Sheffler TE

-Elvis Dumervil LB

-DJ Williams LB


Detroit Lions

-Anthony Henry CB

-Daniel Bullocks CB


Green Bay Packers

-Atari Bigby CB


Houston Texans

-Demeco Ryans LB


Indianapolis Colts

-Dallas Clark TE

-Quinn Pitcock DL


Miami Dolphins

-Anthony Sparano TE

-Will Allen CB


Minnesota Vikings

-Chester Taylor RB

-Cedric Griffin CB

-Antoine Winfield CB


San Diego Chargers

-Darren Sproles RB

-Vince Jackson WR


Tennesse Titians

-Lendale White RB


Look at the list. Who do YOU think we should get.

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Most of these people we don't have a shot in hell at acquiring. Realistically, Atari Bigby would be a good addition, as well as Mike Gandy. Ashton Youboty would be an improvement as well. I'm on the fence about LenDale. I don't see Tennessee letting him go, unless he wants a starter-caliber contract. He's a very good complement back to Johnson, and he dropped something like 30 lbs this offseason. If they choose not to resign him, by all means we should nab him. He's a good 3rd down/change of pace runningback.


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