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The Gipper

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I heard this on the rumor mill this morning:


A new frontrunner to replace Charlie Weis as the coach of Notre Dame is.....drumroll please......BUTCH DAVIS.


Yep, our own good ole Butchy boy.



I think it would be a good hire.


BD recruits well, motivates well, and brings a big time name to the program.


Oh...add in he is a pretty good coach as well.


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AGREE PEEN! UNC has a boatload of talent on that team....I would like to see him finish making UNC into a powerhouse in college football. Don't know if he'll go there, that place is a powderkeg for coaches....same with the Browns. we saw how he buckled under the stress....he has nothing but praises @ UNC...new everything there as well...I say no chance.

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