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Bail Out or No Bail Out!

Mr. T

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Just a quik note, this evening i stopped into get some Gas at my Friendly local corner market which is owned by my foreign friend, who loves Obama.

And as always we were talking about politics in whole and if the topic of Bailing everyone out is Good or Bad. In his opinion he loves it as much as he loves Obama. he simply stated that with the bailouts the poor and middle class will get more because the government will make goods and services cheaper for everyone and that will stop the monoply that big business has over everyone.

I tried to point out to him that a free market and that with competition of having many businesses would be better to suite him.

because it will help keep company A in check while company X was undercutting prices and shipping promptly that keeps it a competitive market. and that if the Government was bailing Banks and every other industry all they are doing is taking the money and gobbling up there competition with massive takeovers and buyouts. and that will put him at the mercy of a larger monoply and that pricing and services of items that he has to purchase for his business will soon go up even higher than what they are currently.[/size]


he are some good articles worth reading.


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Obama Pushes for $50 Billion for Automakers, Oversight Czar



Palin blasts bailout expansion before GOP governors



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U.K. Facing Sperm Bank Shortage :lol:


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