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Romeo only Second Worst?


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I judge a head coach by much more than just wins/loses and i cant find a single thing RAC excells at other than sucking..

I also have a tendancy to judge assistants and coordinators that have a bad HC as a boss but still have to be kicked in the groin to get moving because they have no motivational skills or evaluation/training skills as extremely poor quality coaches as well...


And we have no shortage of horrible talent in our coaching staff...

Chud hasnt proven anything to me but if he becomes HC and doesnt purge the rest of the browns current staff i think its safe to say we will never get to the playoffs in that 2-4 year regime..

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I thought you were going to say that Romeo Crennel is only the second worst Head Coach the Browns have had in their history.

If he ends up with a losing record this year, he will be tied for having the second most losing seasons for a head coach in the history of the franchise.

Care to guess who holds the record? Do the initials "BB" come to mind?

If the Browns continue on this path this year, should RAC be given an opportunity to match BBs record?

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We have had some goofs...I would put Nick Scorich at the top of the list.


In this day of Wonderlic tests....I wonder why head coaching candidates aren't tested??


I wonder how Romeo would score?? It couldn't be very high.

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2. Browns' Romeo Crennel: The new Art Shell is leading the league's most disappointing team. Crennel can't tame Kellen Winslow's mouth or bad attitude. Crennel can't get Braylon Edwards to hold onto the football. The 3-6 Browns quit against the Broncos. Crennel played a role in the Browns giving Derek Anderson a new contract. Yeah, Romeo is making Charlie Weis seem like a Notre Dame success story.


The new Art Shell. That's so on the money. Can't believe I haven't read it, or thought of it, before.


I also really think there is solid talent on this team and it just needs the right coaching influence.

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Guest Ghoolie

Everyone is a bad coach when they aren't winning. Lombardi went to Washington and was unremarkable.


Have the good fortune to draft Jim Brown and all of a sudden shit changes. Last year even the biggest RAC haters, me included were jumping on the guy's bandwagon. I will say a couple things, being that none of us know what goes on behind closed doors we don't really know how much of Romeo's coaching IS Romeo's coaching.


Like it or not, it is pretty well talked about that the Browns organization is at best, dysfunctional, and maybe even sickly. Phil Sewage has the advantage of reporting to an owner who probably responds more to business speak than he does football speak. As such, Sewage has an advantage in being able to protect his job, at least for a little while longer. Frankly I don't think he likes Crennel, but the longer Sewage holds on to RAC before bringing in a new HC, the longer he has to position himself.


I believe this is why our players appear so inconsistent and undependable. The FO really doesn't have a unified, focused plan to sell to the fans and the media. Reason seems to have no place in the decisions that come out of Cleveland. I believe the players sense this and simply don't give a shidt.


We don't have world class talent, but we have 8 -8 or 9 - 7 talent. There are things I don't like about Crennel, but, God help me if I start an earthquake here, but I don't think RAC is the dumb sumbitch he is being portrayed as. I think Butch Davis suffered a similar fate.


I think for us to have an enjoyable franchise again, Lerner is going to have to change his style and really hire some guys who love football.


Sewage is the one that needs to go.

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One could seriously debate if Andy Reid is worse. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/pgStory?conte...p;photo=8789818


Well, after Reid doesn't have the huevos to go for it in OT on a fourth and one on his side of the field, and play for the tie, MNF against the Beagles should be a 0-0 affair.

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It's a long list.......Thirty some years and one winning coach.....















Wow ....What a line up of turds ...You've got to be kidding me!!! I'll tell you man , good thing the franchise left town for a few years , or you might have posted a few more "winners"in the thirty year span...Seriously ...you have to be a f---ing masochist to follow this team .no wonder you all get a raging hard on whenever the slightest decent thing pops up on the radar . Self flagellation in Believeland :(:lol:

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