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Mount Union


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Sorry for the off NFL topic post...........


i went to the Div III semi-finals in Alliance today. For all those true football fans that haven't been to a Mount Union game- shame on you. We have a program that has made college football history right in our backyard, and it is still building.


Listen to this (i got this from the MUC website)..... Coach Kehres is 275-21-3 for his career. That includes playoff games. His home reord is 112-10, his road record is 153-9-3, and his neutral site record is 10-2.


Mount Union has won the NCAA Championship 10 times. In 1999 they beat Oklahoma's record of 47 straight wins (set in 1957) and ended up up 54. Then they went on to win another 55 straight (through 2003).


Today's game against Wesley was a classic. MU's QB (Rocco) was injured in the 2nd qtr, but seemed (to me) to be good enough to play. They were down 10-7 in the 3rd. i would have put Rocco back in as he seemed fine on the sidelines and wanted to play. The coach played #7 (a freshman) for the rest of the 2nd and 3rd qtr. His throws were awful- all over the place. Coach Kehres put in the WR Snow (#10) to play QB in the 4th and he led the team to a victory. Snow was a high school QB and has been a high impact WR at MU.


Coach Kehres did not seem to want to jeopardize Rocco's health for future of the team. He had a Plan B in place.


A great win for the Purple Raiders and another trip to the National Championship game. Go NE Ohio!




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To say Mt Union's program is DOMINATING would be an understatement. After this many years, you know EVERY opponent is sky high for the Mt Union game, yet this team continues to play nearly faultless football & win. That's what I have noticed over the years, sort of like Bobby Knight coached basketball teams...they are well disciplined & fundamentally sound.

Thanks for the thread. This team is a joy to watch & I'm proud to have them in Stark County & in Ohio.




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I from alliance. so Ive known about the purple raiders for some time. that program deserves all the credit. In their division there are no scholorships for football. so its quit impressive that they have been good for such a long time. If talent levels were equal among the divisions than Mount Union is the best program in the nation.

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Mount Union is a fascinating team to watch.


They find the talent, and the players are a real TEAM, and they


really go after a win every game.


We're just N. of N. Canton, and we watch Mount Union a lot on TV,


but have never made it in person. I'd like to one of these days - we go to Alliance a lot.


Cope's farm equipment... Tractor Supply... to farm auctions out that way.....


Texas Roadhouse. "sigh"

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The Mount is a freaking machine man. 4 of my HS buddies went there and played from 88 to 91, including the QB Brad Petro, a good friend. He held the Mount records until Jim Ballard, who played in the NFL for a few years and then Bill Borchert, who was one of the best college QB's I've ever seen. I turned down an opportunity to play there cuz of prior military commitments and it is something I've always regretted. I used to make the trek up from OSU to hang with my guys over the course of a game weekend and really enjoyed the experiences.


What Kehres has done there is nothing short of a miracle, it's ridiculous. To the guy that said it's only D3, don't be fooled cuz those guys can play across the board. Year in and year out they beat teams in the playoffs that are loaded with D1 transfers and all you gotta do is take a look at a guy like Pierre Garcon starting for the Dolts to know the talent level there. Their oline is huge, and the coaching on that team is about as good as it gets.


Kehres has repeatedly said he has no interest in going anywhere, it's his comfort zone. Not only that his son recently played there and I believe is coaching now. Pluto has repeatedly confirmed over the years the Kehres has no interest in leaving, along with Joe Tait who calls games occasionally.


Mount are players from across Ohio that were studs on their HS teams but just weren't offered scholarships (but not always), usually from not being deemed fast or big enough. I have always dreamed of The Mount playing a higher level team such as Youngstown State, where I do believe they could win. I had people for years tell me Roy Jones Jr. could never beat a big time heavy and I always said he could. He confirmed it by beating David Tua who held a belt. I have the same regard for Mount, I think they could rattle some teams for sure.

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