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Report: Browns offer job to Holmgren


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Report: Browns offer job to Holmgren


Posted by Mike Florio on December 16, 2009 6:59 PM ET


CFT's John Taylor, who lives in the Cleveland area and writes for The Orange & Brown Report, tells us that Jim Donovan of WKYC-TV has reported during the Wednesday evening newcast that the Browns have offered a front-office position to former Packers and Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren.


Per the report, the offer is in the range of $8 million to $10 million per year.


Holmgren spent portions of Monday and Tuesday visiting with the Browns in Cleveland. A team spokesman told the Associated Press earlier today that there's no timetable for a decision.

Guess we just wait and see what happpens now.

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Channel 3 reports offer to Holmgren made

by Marla Ridenour on December 16, 2009




WKYC-TV (Channel 3) reported on its 6 o'clock news that the Browns have offered Holmgren the position as top football executive at a salary of $8 to $10 million per year.


Holmgren was reportedly accompanied by his agent, Bob LaMonte. Asked if he got a sense that Holmgren had strong interest in the position, Browns coach Eric Mangini said, "This visit was something designed for both sides to get to know each other and that's really what it was."


A report by ESPN's Chris Mortensen said Holmgren would like his future decided by Christmas, and that he would seek about $10 million per season to head the Browns football operations.


Mangini wouldn't get into details about what he discussed with Holmgren, who spent this season out of football.


"We talked about a lot of things, team, different aspects of the season, things like that," Mangini said. "I'm not going to get into the play-by-play of it.


"I've known Mike for a while, may not not as well as I've known (Eagles coach) Andy (Reid) or (Miami's director of football operations) Bill Parcells. We had a good conversation at the owners meetings a few years back. l bought a home in Cape Cod and the importance of having one place where the kids could go every year, we were talking about that. We revisted that conversation. He'd given me some really good advice back then and ended up getting the house and we're really happy with it."


Mangini said he'd also visited with Holmgren some last season with the New York Jets, before Seattle's last home game.


"I think he's good guy," Mangini said. "I thought it was a good conversation. He was very talented as a coach, I thought it was a good positive conversation."


Asked if Holmgren could be a good sounding board for him, Mangini said, "Any time bring in someone with a wealth of experience, not just as a position coach and coordinator, but head coach it's great. Sometimes I make calls to guys like Dick Vermiel, they've been through most things, handled alot of decisions."


Mangini said last week he would be open to the Browns' new football czar sitting in on meetings. Asked if Holmgren might take him up on that, Mangini said, "We never talked about that. My stance on that is really the same."


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