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2010 NFL Draft skill positions


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Pick your top 3 that would fit in Cleveland if BQ does not work.


1. Sean Canfield

2. Tony Pike

3. Sam Bradford




Pick the best 3 you would want in Cleveland


1. Johnathan Dwyer

2. Javarris James

3. Noel Devine




Pick 3, we definitly need help with WR corps.


1. Golden Tate

2. Mardy Gilyard

3. Freddie Barnes


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Sean Canfield, Oregon State

Height: 6-4. Weight: 215.

Projected 40 Time: 5.12.

Projected Round (2010): 5-6.

11/7/09: Projects as a solid backup quarterback in the NFL. Having a great senior season at Oregon State (11 TDs, 4 INTs, 68.9%, 7.5 YPA).



That guy is your top choice??

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i am 99% against drafting a QB.


We need a stop-gap free agent (or trade) if quinn and da are gone.


the only reason i would like to see a qb drafted is if we get some rediculously ballsy draft picks or an amazing current player in return.


I would draft a qb if we got Anquan Boldin, for example. (actually, no.... cuz we could still find someone with experience)

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I hope we don't go for a "skill position" guy with our top pick. I've been whining for at least two years that we DESPERATELY need an impact LB, more importantly an impact INSIDE LB.


I'm no draft guru, and really don't know if there are any out there for the taking, but that would be my top priority if I was running the Browns. I'm sick & tired of seeing our LBs get outmatched by opposing TEs & RBs, and D'Qwell, while a decent starter, is more of a support LB than an impact LB.


Start with "D" in the draft, then go "skill." Santa, are you listening?

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Don't understand Canfield. And over Clausen?


WR: Tate might be very good, but I wouldn't take him in the first round for sure. I think that HE is this draft's Wes Welker, which means he had better be paired with a good WR across from him or his effectiveness will be lessened greatly. He won't be untackleable in the NFL, doesn't have game-breaking speed. I really, really like the guy, but I don't see him as an early pick.

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Andre Smith?


better clarify on that big, fat part

fatter than Andre Smith. I want a guy like Ted Washington on our Oline. i was 5 buffet busters who may be slow and fat but it takes time to get around them because theyre all so big.

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i don't want to draft a qb by any means, but i can't help to feel like we're missing out by not drafting pike. i have a gut feeling that he's going to be a superstar.

He's DA with brains, but it remains to be seen how much brains.

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If this is where we are looking, then this is my choices! However, I don't think there are any real sure fire Top skill picks worth our projected position in the draft!




1. Clausen (Very durable, good head on his shoulders)

2. Pike (Has great decision making skills and can move to find an open reciever)

3. McCoy (Let's face it the kid is a winner, and will be better in the NFL than most think)




1. Spiller (Could be the only skill player worth our pick)

2. Gerhart (Excellent compliment to Harrison, Bruising physical back that can give out a pounding!)

3. Dwyer (Don't know if he fits our mold, but the guy got enough carries to prove his durability)




1. Gilyard (Explosive in the return game and quality reciever, could be good given Cribbs displeasure with contract)

2. Bryant (Bigger target excellent productivity)

3. Shipley (We need a good possesion reciever, I agree this is the next Wes Welker)



Now In closing what I want is a Big play Backer with explosive power and quickness give me Hughes or Norwood on the Outside or McClain on the inside!!

Aslo would like to have a shut down DB: Berry or Haden would be lovely!!!

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