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Well, Fri evening, I couldn't get on the internet. I checked all the connection settings, reset the modem etc etc, nothin.


So, I actually had to call tech support, and when I said, yeah, here's these settings and I reset etc etcetcetc and ran spyware checks nothin,

they just checked and there was a power outage north of here.


Wouldn't be fixed til about 1 o'clock SAt.


Had to reset the modem, but it worked.


Sun Morning - power outage. was out somewhere around 6 am to 10:30 am.


reset, nothin.


checked all settings, etc. So, it had to be the local server was down again.


So, finally can get on the web again. I should call em and tell em we should get two days of refund...


I wonder what you folks do when you have troubles. Know your settings? or call a friend?



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