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Mangini finds Six Surprises

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Six Browns who could be more than anyone bargained for when they were acquired:


- TE Evan Moore, turns 25 on Jan. 3


Acquired: Nov. 9, two months after the Packers released him in an injury settlement.


Outlook: Could be a starting tight end if he adds weight and strength; showed great hands in six-catch, 80-yard game against San Diego Dec. 20.


- LB Matt Roth, 27


Acquired: Nov. 24, after being waived by the Dolphins


Outlook: The former Round 2 pick out of Iowa has started all four games since joining the team, making a sack in three of them. He is open to coming back but can be an unrestricted free agent.


- LB Jason Trusnik, 25


Acquired: Oct. 7, in the trade that sent Braylon Edwards to the Jets.


Outlook: Coordinator Rob Ryan loves his toughness, thinks he can be a quality starter; fourth-year pro never started a game for Jets, has started eight games since joining Browns.


- LB Marcus Benard, 24


Acquired: Signed as undrafted free agent after playing at Jackson State last year.


Outlook: A good edge-rushing prospect who sacked Ben Roethlisberger twice on Dec. 10. Ryan said, “I saw him in college, and I knew he’d be good. He’s a super kid, one of the hardest workers on our team. This guy is going to get better and better.”


- RB Chris Jennings, 24


Acquired: Aug. 18, three days after he was released by the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes.


Outlook: Quick, hard-nosed runner could be an effective extra back; helped win field-position struggle against Pittbsurgh with 73 yards on 20 carries. Obviously, 2006 Round 5 pick Jerome Harrison (286 yards at Kansas City) fits somehwre in this discussion, but he can be a free agent after the next two games.


- Nose tackle Ahtyba Rubin, 23


Acquired: Sixth round of the 2008 draft


Outlook: He could be starting 3-4 nose tackle, and more than just a stop-gap. Coaches named him defensive player of the game at Kansas City.

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I think Mangini is the only person that's not surprised by it. He either kept, traded, or signed each of them as soon as he could. I think we're the ones who are surprised. Contrary to popular belief, the guys knows talent when he sees it.

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Is it a coincidence that Mangini is finding these guys to build a nucleus right up the center ... err ... just like Belichick?


If Mangin stays, expect a big hard hitting Safety to be inserted next (EroccII).



No coincodence. Once you have your core in place you can insert a stud or two on either side of the ball and you have yourself the ingredients of a Dynasty. I love what he's doing here and I can't stress that enough.


KEEP MAN-GENIE!!!!!!!!!!

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we should still be wary of drinking too much kool-aid.


and it would be fun to keep the angry, brilliant nick-names we had for Mr. Herpgini when we all hated him.



No Kool-aid here, I've been saying it since training camp. The guy is building a team atmosphere, bringing in hungray, smart players, and getting rid of dead-weight. The players are responding, and the formula works. Its quite simple really but most coaches don't have the courage to stick to the plan because you'll get a lot of peopple wanting him fired at the beginning. Mangini is doing this right and we MUST give him 3 years. If we're not a playoff team then at least we'll have a foundation built for the next guy. But Mangini is building the 1986 Browns and I could not be happier about my team than I am right now.


Step back everybody and watch what it looks like when a franchise is turned around. When the rest of the world says we came out of nowhere, we'll know better. This process is a thing of beauty and we are really lucky to have a coach here who understands Browns football. I mean, how many of them are out there that really get this town and this team? ONE! His name is Mangini. He's Marty without the incredibly lame speeches. Same identity, same philosophy, smarter coach. Let the guy see this thing through. For the first time since I was a little kid in 1985, I am really excited about next year. Let the guy see it through. Change staffs again and you lose the players...and the fans.

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The game against the Jaguars will be a fun game. It will be yet another do-or die game for EM and the team who are up against a legit team.



It will be a fun game especially how well and together we've played the last 5 weeks or so. not everyone hated Mangini, some of understood it was going to get worse before it got better, Hell I'm shocked he did it this fast..Mangini had a plan and despite the negative media, locally and nationally he had the balls to stick with his convictions and his plan..An average man would have folded under such over whelming pressure, but not Coach Mangini..the bulls**t about his ego was a figment of the media and based on NO FACTS. Coach is only concerned about giving us the best team possible, one with players that are good players and good character guys, that us and are kids can be proud of..I have kids and thats the kind of team I want my kids to love. not a bunch of selfish,egotistical,me players(insert names)..Mr. Learner better recognize there are a lot of us out there that believe and like what Mangini and is doing here in Clevland and rebuilding our great franchise.

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