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If you are planning on attending The Browns Board Tailgate Party this Sunday (November 23rd 2009),

Please, post here in this thread with the size of your group.



Also, for those Interested in a Pre-tailgate Warm-up, We will be hosting:


Saturday Night, Nov. 22nd after 9:00pm EST

at Barbarino's, 23871 Sprague Rd, Columbia Station, OH 44028 - PH.(440) 235-1831

(Intersection of Lindbergh & Sprague Rd., Where Berea/Strongsville/Columbia Station meet)

Entertainment Provided by our very own: WESTSIDE STEVE


Go Browns!

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I've been looking forward to this weekend for months now, 6 of us are coming down from Toronto...where is this tailgate party?? We'll be there for sure.



Visit our Tailgate Party Page for pictures and such, and visit our Tailgate Party Q&A Page, and just for you, we already have a page with Tailgate Map & Directions.


What we need from you is a concrete confirmation that your group will be making the Party. Ed & Don prepare for the number count that is committed. You are welcome to join us, just please be defiante in your answer.



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This is the thread I have been waiting for for over 12 months now. Yes, you know you can count on 2 from England for this game.


You'll recognise me by my "Braylon is a butter fingered pussy" T shrt.


Damn Howie!!! I wish I could make it up again! Have a GREAT trip!

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Dont forget that bottle of ice wine if you still have an extra


I just checked my stash- all the oldies are gone, :( If I have time I'll try and grab something younger at my friendly local wine establishment.


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Have fun everyone.......


I'm sure HowieDawg is having a great time downtown cleveland as i'm writing this. Lets see if my ESP works.......concentrating on encouraging him to get another beer right now...........that's it.......go for it! And give the hottie beside you a wink too!

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What a great tailgate party yet again on Sunday, it's just a pity that the team didn't share the passion on the field.


It was great to meet some more board members, Hoorta, thanks for the imperial Dortmunder, that warmed my insides nicely, that radioactive orange stuff also did the trick.


I'll post up some pictures from the tailgate later but for now, Thanks to all for making it such a great trip and a great party.


Until next year,






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Sorry it's so late, but here is a link to pictures from the Houston Tailgate. At least that wasn't the only game that saw the Browns touchdownless!


See you all next year.






I want to party at the Blind Pig.



--seems the camerman was fond of a certain barmaid ... and I can't blame him.

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