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Uhh isn't there supposed to be some news today?


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I just woke up (lazy right?) and I was expecting to see somewhere either "Holmgren Keeps Mangini for another Season" or "Holmgren Fires Mangini"


Weren't they supposed to talk today? Wasn't he supposed to have his usual 11 o clock press conference? Has the world gone mad?!?!?


Help me out here.

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And I don't know if anything has to be announced right away.


Maybe Holmgren wants to hire a GM first then the two of them decide.


Sees to me the decision on the coach could wait until February.....unless he already has a guy in mind and doesn't want to lose him.

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I would hope we don't hear....

"Hi, my name is Mike. You're fired & THIS is the new Head Coach."


I really don't expect to hear anything immediately, but who knows? Could be this week, next week, next month...We'll see.

Patience please.


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