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I think the MNF crew are still pissed about the NYG beatdown


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They just insulted the Browns (well, jackass Kornheiser), asking 'are the Titans this years version of the 2007 Browns'.


Guess he must still be upset that they weren't prepared when CLE laid the beatdown on NYG so he had to stfu. Fag.


Dear Tony Kornheiser,


Fuck You.



CLE Browns team, fans, and city.

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I hate Kornheiser anyway...not sure how they go about figuring out who would be a great fit on MNF, but I think it just keeps getting worse. Kornheiser is constantly just trying to be witty about anything and everything. Everything he talks about sounds as if he's reading it off a prompter.

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say what you want about the 07 browns blah blah..too many prome time games this year..whatever..


On MNF against the world champions the browns played a great game to over 12 million viewers...


They may have jumped the ship a bit but the team they planned on playing those prime time games showed up..they could care less about the record right now...it was bombs to braylon..and flash that they desired...offense sells...and we sold that night..


hope they can do so aagin in a few days icon_e_smile.gif

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