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The Berea Report on STO - post Bills game


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Jim Donovan and Sam Rutigliano tonight.


- Winning helps in a short week

- The cold weather on the turf makes for some extra soreness, mentioned the line for the training room was long

- Sam says Browns should not be worried about Lewis, he'll come around

- Sam says Quinn is "ready to go" because of his pocket presence. "30 points in one game and 29 in the other. This will win games in the NFL"

- Donovon and Sam really impressed with Quinn's polish

- Expected to snow every day this week in Berea, so its "Jamal Lewis time"

- Late November '07 is when Lewis kicked in. The Browns are hoping for that again

- Says Braylon is credited with 3 drops from Monday night

- Sam says Braylon is lacking confidence and concentration, he's jumping at the ball too much, and seems to be afraid of being hit, but he's still potentially a great player

- Quinn went mostly to K2 and BE because of the blitzing, as they tended to have the 1-on-1 coverage

- Browns need to stay on their feet and tackle better, as well as improve the pursuit angles. No lunging.

- The corners need to contain and turn these "weaving runningbacks" back into the middle of the field for the pursuing linebackers to tackle


Crennel Conference:


- On Jamal's lack of 100-yd game this year. Says we haven't blocked as well and he hasn't had very many "second-level" runs

- Not practicing - Harrison, S. Jones, McGinnis, S. Rogers, S. Smith, Vickers, C. Williams, K2 (shoulder sprain)


Quinn interview:


- Says he needs to improve communication and passing efficiency

- He says more blitzes are expected

- Was upset he didn't get the ball closer for Phil in the end

- Q: How much of the playbook was used? A: 82% (smiled)


Jamal interview:


- Feels "opportunities haven't presented themselves" to get the 100-yard game. "I'm just hoping we can execute".

- Says he does best when he's "working with" his O-line


Braylon interview:


- Says DB's are getting better (implies he's being covered well)

- On the 7 catches in a row, says he and Brady were in a zone

- Feels you have to take what the D gives you

- The more he and Quinn "get film together", the better they'll be


Eric Wright interview:


- Says the Browns need to gang tackle and be as physical as possible


Sam's check list for Texans


- Need to pressure the QB

- Need to stop the run

- Quinn needs to take the next step

- Don't worry about the vertical game and get the RB's going

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Moreover, this is where he plays. He has to be able to make it work late in a season, which Anderson did not. It isn't Deep Game Time in Cleveland in December.

That is correct, shep.


It is Complete Game Time, something at which BQ excels.


I want to see more Harrison on 1st downs. I want Harrison to stretch the field and JLew to pound it downhill.


I want to see controlled passing, high percentage routes and throws.


I only want to see an occasional deep ball to keep D's honest. Ideally, we'd try to set up our shots downfield with our running and play-action.


In short, I want to see more of the same from BQ. Patient, disciplined offense without turnovers.


A little more running game and a few more completions and our offense will be potent again.

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Heres to hope that BQ steps up his game a notch and that our running game meshes with bqs improving presence but we know in a crennel plain vanilla defense we are getting no disquised blitz package or any other unpredictible blitz packages no sir just straight forward 3 to 4 men in coverage pressure and we may struggle to stop the run for the same reasons...once rogers goes out for a breather it seems everyone begins rushing for chunky gains or passing for chunky gains...

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hell...I thought he was still at Liberty! :huh: (yeah, I'm a little behind the times)


But, after reading about what he's been doing for the past few years, he should definitely be able to "read" talent and capability of young players, and coach them up right.


Wish I could watch these shows... :(


Riverboat Sammy is as old as the hills hiwaygal.


A couple of days of camp would kill him.

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Thanks for sharing that report OconRecon. Great stuff! Injuries are a concern because Harrison is our homerun threat but our staff is too petrified to let him touch the football more than 3 or 4 times anyway. I'm still puzzled by that because when Harrison comes in teams have to spread out horizontally to cover sideline to sideline, which should create ideal running lanes (just via alignment alone). When Lewis is in, they cram a ton of bodies between the tackles and he's slower than the pursuit to bounce anything outside. He was once a speedster but the wear and tear and recent tiptoe tendencies makes him slower than Droughns was. I just don't like how easy ouir running game is to stop with Lewis.


Lewis thinks he just needs to be in synch with the oline because he hates considering the reality. Maybe it's just me, but he's not nearly in the shape he was in last season when he wanted to PROVE Baltimore wrong. Harrison looks like a player with somethign to prove but it scares me that our staff doesn't think he's proved a thing. He came back in the game after injuring his knee so I wonder if the coaches going to manipulate the situation to KEEP Lewis the guy. I understand resting Harrison if he's banged up BUT I think he showed he could still play post injury. There's no more margin for error so I sincerely hope our STAFF wakes up and understands you can have one of your best playmakers watchign a 2 yards a carry guy for 55 minutes of a 60 minute contest. That's just numb and dumb.


Anyone that is NOT a Browns' fan will ask me - how come the Browns don't play Harrison more? I tell them the Browns fans I converse with on a message board have been wondering this every week.

- Tom F.

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...Lewis thinks he just needs to be in synch with the oline because he hates considering the reality. Maybe it's just me, but he's not nearly in the shape he was in last season when he wanted to PROVE Baltimore wrong...


You're right on this one. There was a hint of "the holes aren't there" in his comments.

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