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If Mangini Gets Hired...


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Marty appears to be getting Carl Peterson's old job as GM in KC so I bet Shanahan get's the HC job there with his up-to-date knowledge of the AFC West. Just a hunch.


If we got Mangini and Pioli, we could either see McDaniels or Brian Schottenheimer here as OC. I'm done with the Polish Fire Drill that lasted 6 weeks without an offensive TD. This is gonna sound outrageous but I think I like Schottenheimer's background every bit as much as McDaniel's. I mean calling plays with Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Randy Moss doesn't sound overwhelming. That's prolly easier to step in as a backup QB there than anywhere else.


Schottenheimer was a former QB at Florida and then he stayed on as a grad assistant under Spurrier so he learned some innovative wrinkles there. The next time I saw him resurface it was in NY as an OC for Mangini. He'll ALWAYS have his dad as a consultant, which is pretty freakin cool. I really think if Favre's arm didn't go shotso that team stayed on fire and builds on 8-3. They were a pretty FUN team to watch for a while.


IMO, for what it's worth, the ONLY reason Mangini got fired was because NY learned Cowher turned down Cleveland.

Did anyone see the interview with Oh Tannenbaum Oh Tannenbaum? The interviewer kept asking why Mangini was the scapegoat when it was Favre's arm that died. More specifically, the interviewer was PISSED and he wanted tannenbaum to know how much he disagreed with what they're doing.


There's some pretty FREAKIN good coaches to choose from this time around. WAY better than in 1999.

- Tom F. (Look out folks - this dumb basterd is excited again!)

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