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The Browns Board Mock Draft

The Gipper

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If the Board Admins allow this, I will try to run this "Browns Board Mock Draft", and act sort of as commissioner. How I propose to do this is as follows:


A. I will ask for 32 volunteers, first come first served, including myself as the first volunteer.


B. Once we have enough people signed up, I will randomly assign each volunteer a team. How I would propose to do this is to put down each participants name alphabetically by their screen name and then draw from a hat or something the name of an NFL team which will be that person's team to make selections for.


C. Once that is done, the draft will begin and participant and their team will draft in the same order as the NFL draft. Obviously, once a player is taken that player is off the board.


D. We will do a Two Round draft, againg going by the NFL draft order. Note on this: there would only be 62 selections made, as there are only 62 selections to be made in the first two rounds of the draft. Also note: If you are assigned Seattle and Washington you will have no first round pick, as they have no first round picks. But both of them do have second round picks. If you get assigned Minnesota or St. Louis you will have two first round picks. Also note that the following teams have no second round pick: Browns, Raiders, Chiefs, Saints, Colts. But the 49ers, Bengals, and Dolphins have 2 second round picks.


E. I have made the decision to allow no trades. Sorry.


So, I need 31 others of you to participate. If we get more than 31, then I may bow out and give up my spot. It will be first come first served. If we don't get enough, then if it is agreed I will decide some method to allow some of you to have more than one team.


So, OK, lets have some volunteers. Once the selection process begins then we can go as rapidly as we wish...but if you do volunteer, be certain to check to see when your time to pick comes up so that others are not waiting forever to proceed.


First name: The Gipper

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Sign me up

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Yours will likely be the last name on the list...unless we go in reverse alphabetical order.


Five names so far, need another 27.


Make that 7 and 25.


Wouldn't the last name be the Ravens?


I need some guy named Zyggi to join ...



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I think at first we will stick to two rounds. If it goes well we could expand to three.

But here is the current draft order for those two rounds. I am assuming it will remain this way once we get started, unless teams actually make some trades or something:


1. Chiefs

2. Jags

3. Raiders

4. Eagles

5. Lions

6. Browns

7. Cardinals

8. Bills

9. Jets

10. Titans

11. Chargers

12. Dolphins

13. Bucs

14. Panthers

15. Saints

16. Rams

17. Steelers

18. Cowboys

19. Giants

20. Bears

21. Bengals

22. Rams (2d)

23. Vikings

24. Colts

25. Vikings (2d)

26. Packers

27. Texans

28. Broncos

29. Pats

30. Falcons

31. 49ers

32. Ravens


Second round:

33. Jags

34. 49ers

35. Eagles

36. Lions

37. Bengals

38. Cardinals

39. Jets

40. Titans

41. Bills

42. Dolphins

43. Bucs

44. Panthers

45. Chargers

46. Rams

47. Cowboys

48. Steelers

49. Giants

50. Bears

51. Redskins

52. Vikings

53. Bengals (2d in second round)

54. Dolphins " " " "

55. Packers

56. Seahawks

57. Texans

58. Broncos

59. Patriots

60. Falcons

61. 49ers (2d in second round)

62. Ravens


So, as of now this will be the official order.

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I vote we do a 3rd round as well, otherwise it will be too short. Go past 3 and it takes too long do to the extended rounds.


OK, if we do three rounds, this will be the order of the third round:


63. Chiefs

64. Jags

65. Lions

66. Raiders

67. Eagles

68. Browns

69. Cards

70. Titans

71. Bills

72. Jets

73. Bucs

74. 49ers

75. Saints

76. Chargers

77. Dolphins

78. Rams

79. Steelers

80. Cowboys

81. Giants

82. Miami

83. vikings

84. Cincy

85. Redskins

86. Colts

87. Seattle

88. Packers

89. Texans

90. Broncos

91. Pats

92. Falcons

93. 49ers

94. Ravens

95. Texans (comp)

96. Chiefs (comp)

97. Titans (comp)

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I'll jump in, assuming there's plenty of open slots....@@


If I get the ratbirds or squeelers, I will screw up their draft, so don't give em to me....

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Now my main question about this is.... Would I pick as my owne GM according to my own rankings, or who I believe they may pick? Also if we do not have 32, I will be the first to volunteer for two teams and draft 100% seriously for both.


Do your own rankings, but based upon what the team you're picking for currently has on roster and what they added in FA.

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