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Looking for a tailgate party on 9/8 vs Miami


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My wife and I are coming from NJ for the home opener and looking to see if we can find a tailgate party we can join.

Were are staying at a hotel downtown so we won't have a vehicle to tailgate on our own.


More than happy to chip in for food and beverages.




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Ya, those links are dead ... we'll get them updated ... in the meantime, send a note to Roach, he'll take care of you ...



The links may not work because Google updated their maps. The Tailgate lot is off of West Street directly under the Superior Avenue bridge.

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So I just looked up West St, at Superior Avenue. IS this where it is? Looks like just a few blocks away from the stadium.





It's more than a few blocks, more like a 10 minute walk. PM http://thebrownsboard.com/forums/index.php?showuser=99 Roach for better directions- If you're coming from Downtown, head west down into the "Flats" turn right on Columbus Road, turn right again on West Street. The lot ($5 to park) is on the right, and we set up right under the bridge. If you're feeling lazy, want to spend $2 and don't mind feeling like a sardine in a can, the Rapid is about 500 feet away, and will drop you off right at the stadium. I drive a grey Honda Accord, but I'm one of the late arrivals- don't usually get there until 10-10:30 or so.I'll also put in a request to one of the Admins to get the map back up. Ed is pretty much retired from cooking every game, so it's BYO food & beverages- with few exceptions.

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