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As the clock ran out against the Vikings I couldn't help but say.......


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Wow Josh Gordon really is the main difference in this game.

Not Trich being gone, not Hoyer starting, but Gordon. There was no denying who hoyers favorite target was. It was weird to see a browns wr with the seperation he showed. And just the fact he held on to the ball is a step up.


I believe they will be going with hoyer from here on out. Last thing they want to do is give weeden a shot with the same advantages hoyer had.

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Never crossed my mind...


It was so cool to be in a game it didn't matter... in my mind we'd already won.


What I did shout was, "CAM CAM CAM!"


When I shouted it was 3rd and goal for us a couple minutes earlier... just after we shifted our WRs to the weak side leaving Cam in a clear 1 on 1.


Apparently Brian heard me... :)



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