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Playoff picture

The Gipper

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As of today 9/24/13 at about 1:00 p.m. this is the playoff picture:


National League:


Atlanta has clinched the NLEast

LA Dodgers have clinched the NLWest

The other 3 spots: NL Central title, WC #1 and WC#2 will be filled by the Cards, Pirates and Reds. Who will fill which spots remain to be determined:


St. Louis has a 2 game lead with 5 games to play (an will probably win the Central): 2 vs. Nationals and 3 vs Cubs

Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are tied, both with 90-67 records.

The Pirates have 2 games left vs. The Cubs, and 3 vs. The Reds

The Reds have 2 game left vs. The Mets and 3 vs. The Pirates


American League:


Boston has clinched the ALEast

Oakland has clinched the ALWest

Detroit has a 4.5 game lead in the AL Central with just 5 games left...so write them in.

Contenders for the 2 WildCards:

Tampa Bay at 87-69 has a one game lead over The Indians for the first WC spot

Cleveland at 86-70 has a one game lead over Texas for the second WC spot

Texas 85-71 is one game back for the 2d WC

Kansas City at 83-73 is 3 games back for the 2d WC

NY Yankees at 82-74 are 4 games back for the 2d WC

Baltimore at 81-75 is 5 games back for the 2d WC


The Rays have 3 games left vs. The Yankees and 3 vs. the Blue Jays

The Indians have 2 games left vs. the White Sox and 4 vs the Twins

The Rangers have 2 games vs. the Astros and 4 vs The Angels

The Royals have 2 games vs the Mariners and 4 vs. the White Sox

The Yankees have 3 games vs. the Rays and 3 vs. the Astros

The Orioles have 3 vs. the Blue Jays and 3 vs. the Red Sox




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Way to go Tribe...you won 10 straight to get there...and in typical fashion...you shit a big fat goose egg...thanks for the fucking tease...

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That's the way you scatter 9 hits and get nothing out of it.


Highlight of the game, Bases loaded, one out and Cabrera rolls over on a 1-0 count after Rayburn draws the walk in front of him and gets doubled up... Seriously Cabrera? My damn JV players know better than that....


Then Swish walks up with guys on 2nd and 3rd and swings out of his shoes 3 times and takes a seat....


Come on guys.... awful baseball

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