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So here we are...


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I must say,


If anyone said to me the Browns would win more than 3 games before the season started i would have laughed.

But now, at this point in the season, I am very impressed with this team.


At 4-3, we have been lead by a journeyman backup QB, minus the best center in the NFL, a defense that hadn't really showed up until the pittsburgh game, and no Josh Gordon and not much of Cameron either. Its a heck of an accomplishment and just shows you guys that with a decent QB, a game manager like Brian Hoyer, the Browns can be competitive.

Its still a little too early to tell if Hoyer is the answer. But if he continues to play smart, limit turnovers, and have ridiculous comebacks like in the first two weeks, and continue to show the haters the potential he has, he will be the answer.

2014 is not the year the Browns make it all the way. Maybe 8-10 wins if were lucky. 2015 will be the year the Browns turn it around and emerge as the best in the AFC North. Another draft with two picks in the 1st to work with, cap space, and a FO that actually seems like they have their shit together, the sky is the limit for Cleveland.

But on the field, the only way Cleveland keeps surprising us is if they show up EVERY Sunday and play with CONSISTENCY! Bouncing back from this loss with a dominating defensive effort, and just enough offense, it was a solid victory. Still work to be done, but solid.

Great job Cleveland. For once in my life I actually think you might have a shot to turn this franchise around

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