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Conference Realignment....Partial

The Gipper

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If things are going as it seems, it appears that going forward there will essentially be 5 "Power" football conferences in the foreseeable future: The ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12. However, there are a couple of football conference out there that is getting short shrift in this setup: That is The Mountain West and American Athletic Conference, which have some very good football schools associated with them.

(there are also the MAC, Conference USA, , and the Sun Belt, but they are not part of this proposal)


I am suggesting the elimination of the AAC and placing its various members into the other 5 power conferences. There would also be a few minor moves within conferences. Plus a few teams from the independents and Mountain West.

FYI, the members of the AAC are: Memphis, Cincinnati, Central Florida, East Carolina, Houston, Temple, South Florida, Tulane, Tulsa, Connecticut, SMU. 11 teams.


I want to make each of the Power 5 into 16 team leagues. To do that, we can take the 11 AAC teams and add some others to accomplish things. One other I am including is current independent BYU.

Since the Big 12 is actually only 10 teams, they will get the most new teams. Here is what the power 5 would look like:


ACC: Florida St., Clemson, Louisville, NC St. Syracuse, Wake Forest, Ga. Tech, Duke, Miami Fla, Va. Tech, Pitt, North Carolina, Virginia, Tulane, Central Florida, Temple


SEC: Missouri, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Missi

ssippi St., Ole Miss, Auburn, Texas A&M, LSU, Arkansas, South Florida, East Carolina


Big Ten: Ohio St., Michigan St. Michigan, Maryland, Penn St., Indiana, Rutgers, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Northwestern, Purdue, Connecticut and Boston College (moving over from ACC)


Big 12: TCU, Baylor, Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St. West Virg. Texas Tech, Kansas, Kansas St. Iowa St. SMU, Cincinnati, Tulsa, Memphis, Houston, Colorado St.


Pac 12: Washington, Washington St., Oregon, Oregon St., Stanford, Cal, USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona St., Utah, Colorado, BYU, Hawaii, New Mexico, Boise St.


This would leave the Mountain West as a fairly viable 8 team "minor" conferece consisting of Nevada, SDSU, Fresno St., UNLV, Utah St. Air Force, and Wyoming. I suppose you could trade a few of these teams for the ones I have designated to go to the Pac 12.


Comments, questions, changes you would make? This of course is designed to get more teams into these Power conferences. (plus it predicates a change to an 8 team playoff with the winners of the Power 5 getting automatic bids, plus 3 wildcards)

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One change I made from my original lineup was to switch East Carolina, putting them in the SEC, with Tulane...into the ACC.


I did this because the SEC does not currently have a team in North Carolina, (where the ACC already has 4), and giving the ACC a presence in Louisiana.



Also, note, the AAC does not have a single team currently ranked in the AP Top 25. In fact, Conf. USA with Marshall, and the MWC have teams in the top 25 (Colo St., Marshall).

This would help those schools.

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Hmmm, interesting.


I think those would be the best two choices for the B1G. They would fit academically, have a similar culture, and would further our Northeast TV Market.

That was, indeed, my thinking, that the Big Ten would want to garner even greater control over the NYC metro region, and add Boston/New England to go with it. The only other school I thought about to do that with was Syracuse.


I also thought that bringing Temple to the Big Ten could solidify the Philly market, but I let that one go.

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They need to get rid of all the NAMES for these conferences. Just have 4 conferences with 20 teams each.Split the conferences into 4, 5 team divisions.


Call them East, North, South, West.


Then have the same type set up as the NFL, 4 division champs from each conference play in a 16 team playoff. And have some of the games in the north and midwest, instead of holding all the playoff games in the south and west


Get rid of the "Big Ten" "SEC" "Big 12" garbage.


I know it will never happen, because of all the TV money, and it makes sense. And the NCAA seems to be dead set against things that make sense, and only interested in making money

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