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BCS after 11/19


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I guess there is no punishment for losing late in the season anymore.


I had no problem with Mississippi St. being ranked so high, despite their schedule, as it was a breath of fresh air. They got beat soundly by Alabama, and only drop to #4.


This SEC stuff is getting ridiculous. Yeah, they're good, but come on already, those teams have struggled in games just like Ohio St., Oregon, Florida St., etc etc.


There is no perfect system, I'm just sick of the perception by the national media.





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But for a fuckup by the LSU kicker with 50 seconds left, Alabama would have likely have lost that game.


To me, it is the most significant play of the entire college football season.


I heard the reasoning by the committee chair as to why Mississippi St. is still ranked as high: "because it was a competitive game and MSU was never out of it."

Actually, MSU was out of it by about the middle of the first quarter. Its just that they put up a couple of late scores, one with less than a minute left that made that game look closer than it was.

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Miss st barely lost to the #5 team who has the best reputation in college football right now. In a close game between 2 top teams where one team HAS to lose, it doesn't warrant much of a fall in the rsnkings

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What bias?


There are 4 SEC teams in the top 10

They are ranked in the top 10. That doesn't mean they deserve those rankings.

I mean, the SEC plays this big bad schedule. Those teams beat Western Carolina, South Alabama, Charleston South, Samford,

Eastern Kentucky

But those are not the only cupcakes that the SEC plays.. Can you say Vanderbilt being beaten by 51-0, Ole Miss by 30-0.

If they had a ranking for "Biggest Cupcake schedules", the SEC would probably occupy more than 4 of the top ten spots.

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