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Another year, another season, Cleveland Brown's 2015


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Hey guys!


Been a while since I have been on and posted. Just wanted to say that I hope y'all are as pumped and excited as I am AGAIN for our Brown's this year!


I have been loving the things I'm reading in the media about this year's camp. From Dansby's continued standout leadership, Manziel's renewed focus, Danny Shelton's motor and undeniable talent, etc.


None of the talk matters though. What I want to see this year is "graduate level" football, particularly on the defense. The things I have read about our offense and coordinator DeFelipo are very encouraging as well. Seems John D has no problem taking charge of the players at practice and he seems to actually know what the hell he is doing!


Let's just pray all these good things we are hearing produce winning results on the field this year. Look forward to hearing your guys thoughts on your outlook/perception of where our Cleveland Browns are at and predictions in what you think this season will bring!



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The NFL will be stunned when the Browns go 12-4.


Would have been 16-0, but our offensive linemen and secondary got malaria,

losing 4 games.

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First Browns preseason game is recorded delayed on Direct TV NFL Network(Ch. 212) for 11pm Thursday night Colorado (Mountain) time. Check your own listings in your area.

keep a eye on nfl.com. in past years you flip them a 20$ for Preseason Live and watch all 4 PS games on line live. But this year only offer I see is full season with all preseason free for 1 week. Roger take my 20$ and direct tv will have the rest for you. if not fine and suspend both of us.

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