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Expect More Crime & Drugs In Your Suburb Thanks To Obama and his Staff

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"Hillary’s rumored running mate, Housing Secretary Julian Castro, is cooking up a scheme to reallocate funding for Section 8 housing to punish suburbs for being too white and too wealthy.

The scheme involves super-sizing vouchers to help urban poor afford higher rents in pricey areas, such as Westchester County, while assigning them government real-estate agents called “mobility counselors” to secure housing in the exurbs."


So you work hard, buy a house in the burbs where the crime is low, family and kids are safe and go to good schools. It appears that Julian Castro doesn't like that and wants to double the amount of section 8 housing so those on section 8 can move into more affluent suburbs.


According to the article, this has worked really well for the Dallas area as it has increased crime. I'm sure those neighborhoods and families love the increased chance of drugs, theft, break-ins and rape.

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Last year, they bulldozed a housing project to use it for commercial property. They used Section 8 and dispersed the heroin dealers around the city. They then realized the error in that and are quickly getting on building a new housing project in a different location.

Well that's probably good for the heroin dealers. Business plans usually incorporate keeping similar types of endeavors together. Like auto dealerships and fast food restaurants.




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