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Analytics in the NFL isn't new


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It isn't. At all. These positions existed last year, the year before that, and the year before that, et cetera.


The only part about the Browns' "analytics" that's new is the height to which that skillset has been promoted. As Factory of Sadness pointed out, the only NFL media people who don't appreciate/approve of the Browns' choices are the "Old Guard" who think teams are built only one way. Well, that, and don't forget that they're predisposed to give an F to the Browns because Cleveland.



If you don't think "analytics" existed earlier... you're ignoring the term "Workout Wonder" and all the draft busts that resulted from selecting based on eye-popping combine results. That's an analytics choice.. Mamula, Vernon Gholston, Mandarich, etc.


Newspaper articles keep showing up talking about this new craze called analytics and its future in the NFL. Those are all from 2014 or before. If you only read one, read the last one there - it's a Grantland feature piece.


ESPN hired Brian Burke from Advanced Football Analytics full time. Linked article talks about going for it on 4th down.


Interesting program giving predictions on the next play



The leadership group the Browns have in place won't make the same mistakes that organizations did by drafting the Mamulas and Mandarichs of the world.. You'll be surprised. Just watch. They already [nearly] aced the draft.

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