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Higgardly ... dementia ?


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Dementia topped with evil.


I understand a defense attorney having to do their jobs and defend sometimes the worst of the worst. What I don't understand is why an attorney like Clinton would get a child rapist off and set free and find humor in it. Only someone morally bankrupt would find anything funny about it.

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makes it all the sicker that she runs for the presidency, and no liberal media

will ask her tough questions.


Typical. Who owns all this liberal media anyways?

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Not that it will do any good, but...



Dimentia Claims: The medical leaks were found to be false fabrications...




... and...


The Murder: The "mysterious swimming 'event' near his home" was "a triathalon in early August 2016."


SHIRLEY, N.Y. - A 69-year-old athlete competing in a Long Island triathlon has died.

Authorities say Vincent Fleck of Mount Kisco died after a lifeguard noticed him in distress during a swimming portion of the event.

Suffolk County police say a lifeguard transported him in a canoe to a rescue boat, where he received first aid. He was later pronounced dead at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center in East Patchogue.

The emergency occurred during the 500-meter swim portion of the Smith Point Spring Triathlon in Narrow Bay.

Police say it was unknown if Fleck drowned or if he suffered a medical event. The Suffolk County Medical Examiner was set to do an autopsy to determine the cause of death.



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liberals love snopes - they are never let down.


that's where Tour learned to mexican hat dance in desperate protection of the dems.


And he doesn't monkey around with all his other dance moves....



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Dopey Joe Biden says Trump can’t be trusted with nuke codes – then points out agent carrying codes

Dopey Uncle Joe Biden was in Scranton in a stupid attempt to convince blue collar whites that grammy Hillary is just like them – except she hasn’t driven a car in two decades because she’s just that wealthy. Anyway, while slamming Trump for not being trustworthy with the nuke codes, dopey Uncle Joe did something terribly stupid


Yeah, go ahead and make a target of the guy carrying the nuke codes, you idiot. Now it doesn’t really matter much because there are safety measures in place so not anyone can launch nukes, but still… bad optics, Joe.

Though this is a good time to note that Katrina Pierson said that people don’t need to worry about Trump launching nukes crazily because they won’t actually let him have that power.

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I’m sure the media is going to jump all over this! There should be non-stop mockery of Hillary for saying something that we all know is absurd:


“I want everybody who’s willing to work to be prepared,” Clinton said.
“I don’t want excuses. I’m a kind of no-excuse person.
If you are willing to do the work, I want to make sure that we’ve got an economy that will produce the jobs, and then I want to make four-year college affordable.”

No-excuse person? She makes more excuses for herself than anyone else in politics.

It’s always lie after lie and excuse after excuse!

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But she did have the blood clot in the brain.


And whatever the fuck that cold chai seizure was on camera.


Early? At 68?


"The Seizure" was a simple "double-take" run amuck... by ike a factor of three... or six...

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and the yellow line runs down your back. starting a "war" with me over

a false narrative victimhood, then going with a serious cheapshot.


I think you're just really mad because a couple of us made you look worse

than wrong.

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cal, whatever gets you through your delusional day...


You are entitled to your "opinions"... I've never said otherwise.


Still waiting for your explanation of the difference between "liar" and "dishonest" where a statement is concerned...

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Dr. Drew's Bombshell: 'Gravely Concerned' About Hillary's Health


Aug 18, 2016 // 8:47am

As seen on Fox and Friends

Judge Nap: Hillary Clinton Perjury Probe a 'Slam Dunk Case in the Ordinary World'

GOP Rep. Marino: The Clintons Are 'Pathological Liars'

Dr. Drew Pinsky dropped a bombshell on a California radio show this week, saying he's "gravely concerned" about Hillary Clinton's health.

The famous TV doctor was actually asked to be on KABC's "McIntyre in the Morning" show to debunk questions about the 68-year-old Clinton's health.

But instead, Pinsky said he's become concerned about Clinton's health and the medical care she has received after reviewing the records that have been made public.

He said that his colleague, Dr. Robert Huizenga, expressed similar worries.

"Both of us concluded that if we were providing the care she was receiving, we would be ashamed to show up in a doctors’ lounge," Dr. Drew concluded. "We would be laughed out. She’s receiving sort of 1950s-level care by our evaluation."

Pinsky said Clinton has received unconventional treatments over the years, calling the medical decisions "bizarre" and speculating that it could be causing uncommon side effects.

He said Clinton had two episodes of deep venus thrombosis, or blood clots in her legs, and suffers from hypothyroidism. He said the drug she was given for hypothyroidism was "very unconventional" and used in the 60s.

Pinsky then said Clinton was put on an anticoagulant that "really isn't used anymore," adding that a person of Clinton's stature would be expected to receive a newer drug.

After Clinton fell and hit her head in 2012, she suffered a "transverse sinus thrombosis," which he called an "exceedingly rare clot" that he has only come across once in his career.

He said in his estimation, the earlier treatments she received may have led to problems with her "coagulation system."

“So the very medicine doctors are using may be causing this problem and they’re using an old fashioned medicine to treat it – what is going on with her health care? Maybe they have reasons, but at a distance, it looks bizarre."

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich reacted on Fox and Friends this morning, saying he's "always dubious" when it comes to a doctor analyzing a person that isn't their patient.

"Next you’re gonna get a left-wing psychiatrist explaining Donald Trump in negative terms," he said.

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Tour - I'm still waiting, as well as maybe the rest of the board, to see

how you think I said you were dishonest.


I do think you are a cheapshot asswhole now, with one of your responses.


But I never once said anything about you being dishonest. It isn't there. Never was.

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Wonder what Dr. Drew would say about cal's state of denial?


But I digress...



Newt is the pragmatist as ever...


As for drugs... whenever possible I go for the older ones as well. FDA conducts too many human experiments for my taste, but I figure I may as well benefit from their program rather than be a test subject.

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snopes is convenient... there are others, however.


Are they end-all/ be-all? No, but in cases when they do directly call supposed sources of info and get flat denials, I think that undercuts some of the contrived "bullshit" in the ether.

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