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Preseason Opponents = Golden Opportunity for the FO


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As I was watching another former Pittsburgh DC enjoying how deep his defense is - I couldn't help but feeling excited we're not stuck on pause/skipping record with Ray Farmer's inability to understand the opportunity at hand.


GB looks deep in some defensive areas we need help with in a system I'm guessing is somewhat similar to what Ray Horton hopes to implement here.


Their offensive line didn't look bad when they didn't make mental errors like the safety they gift wrapped to Meder and Carder. Pass protecting for an inexperienced Division III QB also meant they'd have to protect longer than they would have to if Rodgers was in there making the experienced read and feed quickly. They always have trouble keeping guys healthy so it'll be interesting to see if they cut anyone worth bringing in.


Greco might not be a bad solution to our Center position when it's all said and done. Plus, somebody in our lineup had to be blocking halfway decent if Mostert averaged over 8 yards a carry while our team finished with 4.5 yards per carry to GB finishing the night with 3.7 yards per carry.


As far as how many TDs we scored in the very first preseason game, we had 1 called back because McCown went past the line of scrimmage when he released the ball. Somebody in our front office found a nice target like Connors Hamletts so we can either join the doom and gloom ready to forfeit 2016 or understand what teams are doing during preseason. Evaluate us and who our opponents may make available to us in the near future.


Residing in Western NY back when the Buffalo Bills frequented Superbowl appearances, they were winless in some of those preseasons rarely worrying about the scoreboard as much as what preseason is intended for. I think Hoorta also pointed out somewhere the Lions were undefeated in the preseason of the year they went 0-16 during the regular season while NE rarely gives a rat about their preseason record.

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One can hope...


We certainly are in position to be a major, waiver-wire player... again. Problem is that camp rejects have had a look and that may trump any edge our advanced analytics may give us with the draft and UDFAs.



One GB note... Jason Spriggs played LT deep into the game and looked pretty good doing it.

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