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Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer dies

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Yup... Keith passed back in Spring... and now the voice of EL&P is silent. Hang in there, Carl...



Loved EL&P... and Lucky Man was my fav track by them...


During one of my pilgrimages with a couple college buds to the original Cleveland Audio Craft on Carnegie, there was a man in their "high-end" room spinning Lucky Man on a Thorens/SME rig thru their McIntosh separates to various speakers pairs... and he was pushing them.


He finally settled on a pair of AR's... 3a's IRRC... and got really aggressive. Pulled the grills off (naked speakers did sound better back them) and started repeatedly replaying the instrumental play-out at the end of the track. In that play-out there's a lot in interesting stuff including flanged drum work, but the main attraction is Emerson's synth work.


At the 3:59 mark of the vid Gip posted you'll hear the synth really soar until it crashes back to earth at the 4:11 mark with one of the lowest notes recorded to that time. It rivaled the foot peddle under the end of the opening of J.S. Bach's Tocatta and Fugue in G minor. And still the man pushed harder... I thought it was the most impressive demo I'd ever seen. If a speaker could sweat, this pair would have been dripping.


Finally the left AR's woofer started visibly deforming... damn near folded at one point. I he re-cued the section, verified the deformation and Then the man simply turned things down, replaced the grills, turned, smiled at us and walked out of the store. I turned to my friends and said, "So he wasn't an employee?"



FYI... a lot of better speakers have been built over the years, but 3a's are still worth owning.

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