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Kasich nixes heartbeat bill...


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"Steve --




Ohio Governor John Kasich just signed one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country, ignoring the voices of a majority of Ohioans and their doctors. Even though Kasich vetoed an even more dangerous version of the bill, we're not celebrating.




Not only does this extremist bill turn back the clock on reproductive rights, it's yet another GOP distraction from the issues facing working families.




Tim gets it: politicians should trust Ohio women to make their own healthcare decisions and focus on jumpstarting our economy.




Unfortunately, extremist Republicans from Columbus to Washington have other plans in mind, and Tim needs our help to be ready. Will you chip in today to"


There's part of.



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Id prefer to see it at 6 months but im ok with this as long as health exemptions are firmly in place. I can already see the looming fight when a woman is told she has a complication that results in about 5% mortality rate and the conservative goonies come flying out to block her abortion cause theres 95% chance she lives. People are always game to roll the dicevwhen someone else's life is on the line....its like good sport almost

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