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So Susan bought me a Google home device for Christmas which is pretty cool. I remember we had discussed before which music streaming services I should get. Since this is a Google device I decided to go with Google Play music which includes a subscription to YouTube red and vice versa. The 2 for 1 services or a good deal and have plenty of worthwhile content.

I've only stopped Google play music on one album by Tony Carey but they have all the rest of his records. The good thing is that it includes Westside Steve Simmons entire catalog and Ariel's Attic from our compadre Axe.



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My problem is the stream pay rates..


From my Digital Distribution Sales book keeping on my solo stuff


Google--------$0.00587769 per stream


iTunes US ---$0.00858858


iTunes Eu----$0.01269913




As I mentioned in the other thread.. We've had just shy of 20,000 streams for "Hallelujah" worldwide on Spotify in about a week..




Our cut? $132.04 and I still have to pay the distributor and the Cohen estate.. The music biz is broken..

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Daughter bought me a Roku a few years ago, before I had a "smart TV".


Used the Roku for HBO Go and Amazon Prime, but not too often. Still do, but now our cable company has implemented usage billing based on "peak use in peak use periods... blah blah blah..." so now use it even less.


Not much different than it always was. You still have to tour.
Nobody buys CDs anymore or even buys a single for a buck.


I do :).... but I prefer vinyl, which BTW had it's biggest year in decades in 2016.

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