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Trump: US will pay for border wall


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can one of you trump fluffers explain to me what's in it for mexico? They know we need them just as much as they need us. He's got to have something in mind, something that if they agree to it...it makes mroe for them in the long run. I dunno, something. Otherwise he's a compelte idiot

Import tax. Trade agreements. Etc.


Though, when does construction start? When does it finish? I doubt it's finished in under eight years (let's be generous and give the Donald two terms) let alone four.


So when does repayment begin? Most likely after he's out of office. Probably to a democrat president because people like to lurch.


So the US will end up paying for it if it happens.


And it'll be super cheap too, easily covered by all of the tax breaks for rich people.

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