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Trump calls CNN "fake news" haha

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They've been called the Clinton News Network for decades.

Actually it would be nice if there was still a mainstream media but thanks to Fox MSNBC Breitbart salon Etcetera even what used to be mainstream is being pushed to the extreme. Love him or hate him these people would have never considered treating President Obama with the disrespect and outright hostility they have with Donald Trump.

And I can't imagine Obama not reacting in a similar fashion if one of them pimped a story about paying hookers to piss on him.

There was a nationwide outrage about the fake news, Hillary and the pedophile ring in the pizza shop. Now, not so much.



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When everything is fake news, nothing is.


8D chess playing mad man


The term has been meaningless for months, now. The left has been using it to describe any news they didn't like, then within the past month or so the right started doing it too. Trump actually has a legitimate point here, though.



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