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Happy Trump Day!


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If that's true good for her to call them out on it. Unfortunately CNN has a bag full of them at the ready.


She made a snide comment like "listen to the first verse of the song" which is about the end of the world or something. Then she later said she hopes he succeeds as president or whatever.


Never said she wasn't happy about him using her father's song though.

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We saved America. Too bad the dems of the House that are boycotting the inauguration

want to continue to make fools of themselves. That will come back to haunt them

many times over the next four years, at least.


Oh, what a HAPPY DAY ! All the times I have annoyed some? of you by talking about

how the American People flip the course of America back the other direction - the pendulum

swings back one way, then the other. Sometimes, it swings back after only four years, like Carter.

Obamao was the worst, most destructive, divisive, immature, racist, irresponsible, marxist

knee jerk president this country has ever had. What a profound waste of the opportunity he had.

But he never worked for a living, never had a job, outside of manipulating other people.


Trump has always worked so hard, and I didn't see his success coming so early, like Willie Robertson did,

and so many others did. Our military deserves respect, our Supreme Court and we, the

the American people, deserve respect. All of us.


The marxist, black, hispanic and gay supremist nasty duo sealed their own fate, and temporary dashed ours.


And of course, we sent the pendulum swinging back to common sense, justice, pro-Constitution,

pro-American, pro-fix things, pro-protect our borders and US...direction.


THANK GOD. Trump deserves a chance. Enough with the dimwitted partisan lies, innuendo, and negative

fake opinions of conjectured disaster based on absolutely no good reason.


America is saved. Time for a new start with a new President and VP that will be president for all of us,

not just obaMao's radical, perverted base, which is exactly how obamao did.


The more the dems carry on in resistance, the more they are going to fall apart, and that's a good thing.,

There comes a time when the dems have to back up, go away from where they are now, and start

being a real AMERICAN political party again.


Trump won't let Congress continue with getting nothing done, or partisan crap done, like Obamao doesn't care.


And, gee, dirtbag liar hairy reid... thanks to you dems for changing the rules like you demanded they not be changed,

until YOU had the majority. haha. Now it only takes 51 votes and the Reps have a strong majority

than they did before.


America made history by electing the first black president. Unfortunately, he ended up being a lazy loser.

Never worked hard in all his life.


Now, America has elected the first work hard all his life president. He will NOT be a lazy loser.


Let's Roll, ALL OF US, even to the inner cities, from sea to shining sea. God Bless AMERICA !!!

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I just don't understand the press these days. How does nationalism get equated to 'anti' or 'supremacy' speech? It's fucking baffling. Obama never spoke to my specific interests, but I would never say it was to spite me either. It just simply wasn't his platform.


In some ways I respected Obama's vision, I just don't think it is of the highest priority at this time.

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I get the feeling a lot of these kids that are protesting just want a good selfie for snapchat.

I've often said the same thing.

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Just a bunch of punks. They no nothing of real protests like during the 60's. They are used to protesting via FB and Instagram.

My thoughts exactly. They are in no way prepared for the level of civil disobedience that was exercised in the 60's. Those protests were organized and planned by the best and the brightest of their time.

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