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Dr. Hurd Pretty Much Nails It


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"Bye Bye, Barack. And thanks for nothing.


Actually, thanks for a whole lot less than nothing.


Thanks for telling the inventors, achievers and innovators of history that they “didn’t build that,” when they did.

Thanks for blaming Americans for the choices of Muslims and terrorists to kill innocent people.

Thanks for lecturing us each and every time a Muslim-inspired attack occurred on American soil — Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando. And thanks for lying to us that no Muslim attacks occurred on your watch, since you don’t recognize the presence of Islam in any of these attacks.


Thanks for appointing an attorney general who threatened criminal action against anyone who dared to criticize Islam or challenge climate change “science.”

Thanks for inviting citizens to inform the White House during the passage of Obamacare of any “lying” they heard fellow citizens say about your health care plan. Communist countries did this sort of thing too. Thanks for bringing the United States into this new, low territory for the first time in its 220 year history.


Thanks for shredding and demoralizing our military in the name of “deficit reduction,” with the deficit still higher than ever. Thanks for flushing good money down the toilet of the corporate subsidy-entitlement-welfare state, which not only increases poverty and dependence but undermines the best within all of us.


Thanks for growing the national debt to levels it took presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush (1789 to 2009) — all of your predecessors — more than two centuries, two world wars, a civil war, a Cold War and a Great Depression to rack up.


Thanks for helping millions of Americans lose respect for, and sometimes friendships with, the millions of others who inexplicably voted for you twice and still defend your pretentious, lightweight and thoroughly amateurish arrogance to this day.


Thanks for insulting the millions of Americans who work, achieve and produce (to whatever levels of their ability) by calling them racist every time they so much as questioned your desire to loot their bank accounts of even more money than the government already did.


Thanks for sneering at the flyover states and caring only about the urban and suburban areas of D.C., New York and California. Your nasty would-be successor paid a price for this, didn’t she?


Thanks for trashing the Constitution to the point where it’s barely recognizable, most notably by changing immigration laws unilaterally, without the legislative consent the Constitution requires, when it suited your whims and when you hoped it would increase your political power. You have crossed over the line into soft dictatorship, and whatever awaits us, you will always be the one who first went down that road.


Thanks for cooking the unemployment rate numbers to exclude people who have simply given up on finding work, the greatest since the 1970s or perhaps ever.

Thanks for pardoning a known traitor who endangered soldiers’ lives by spilling American secrets on WikiLeaks.


Thanks for harassing and intimidating your Tea Party opponents via the coercive power of the IRS. Thanks for all the inventions and businesses we’ll never see because of your increased taxes and incomprehensible regulations via the EPA and other government agencies.


Thanks for caring more about alleged or even imagined Russian spying on American elections while remaining indifferent to the American government’s spying on its own citizens. The man who exposed that travesty lives in hiding, while the real traitors are pardoned. You are a true villain of American history, the greatest traitor to ever sit in the Oval Office. Thank you for that too, Barack.


Thanks, Barack, for very nearly killing America’s soul. You almost did it. Donald Trump may not be perfect, but he represents the last vestige of the independent, rebellious American spirit. We are not all sheep — not yet — and Trump’s unexpected victory reminds us that your kind did not quite finish off the land of Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln. That precious spirit reasserted itself in November’s election, not just on the presidential level but on the Congressional and local levels, where Republicans have not enjoyed such strong majorities since the 1920s if not the Reconstruction period following the Civil War.


I’m sure others can come up with dozens of examples to remind us of just how loathsome, villainous and thoroughly rotten a human being you are. Bad president? That’s the least of your problems. And now we’re stuck supporting and protecting you and your family for the rest of your lives. A lot of us find that more sickening than you will ever find Donald Trump’s presidency.


You and your kind have a lot of nerve calling dissenters “deplorables.” You, the American version of Communists and tribalists, are the real deplorables. We won’t forget what you’ve done, and we will never stop fighting your attempts to destroy all that makes life, liberty and happiness possible. We know you’re never going to shut up, and we can’t get rid of you as easily as we’d like. But we’re ready for that, and Donald Trump will (let’s hope) provide a boisterous and long overdue voice of dissenting opinion to the chattering classes in the media who have canonized you a political saint.


Goodbye, and good riddance, Barack. May our nation never have to suffer someone of your low caliber again."

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